Davenport IA Walk in Clinic Emergency Health & General Care Services Announced

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(Newswire.net — March 20, 2019) — Davenport, IA — Armana Care in Davenport, Iowa has launched walk-in health services for emergency health conditions and general care. The fully certified staff can handle any condition, severe or mild.

Davenport, Iowa walk-in clinic Amana Care has announced emergency and general health care walk-in services. The clinic works hard to eliminate wait time and strives to see patients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

More information can be found here: http://amanacareclinic.com

The staff members at the clinic are fully certified and are among the best available practitioners to quickly diagnose and treat a full range of illnesses and injuries from urgent to general care. With state of the art procedure and exam rooms, x-ray and laboratory equipment, they are fully equipped to handle any urgent care situation.

Patients are encouraged to walk right in with any illness and the team will work hard to ensure they are seen as quickly and efficiently as possible. From cold symptoms to severe bleeding, the team of healthcare professionals at Amana Care will treat each patient as quickly as possible, with sicker patients always coming as first priority.

The clinic offers care for a broad range of general ailments including abrasions, back discomfort, bites, burns, childhood illnesses, cold symptoms, cuts and lacerations, diarrhea, ear infections, fish hook removal, fractured bones, muscle injuries, rashes, sinus pain, urinary tract infections, vaginal discharge, x-rays and more.

Situations requiring urgent care are treated as a priority and patients with emergency conditions will not be left waiting long. Urgent care conditions include severe bleeding, serious difficulty breathing, chest pain, choking, fainting, head or spine injuries, severe vomiting, smoke inhalation, near drowning, sudden dizziness, sexual assault, pregnancy related concerns and more.

Patients with extremely severe versions of these conditions are encouraged to dial 9-11 as they may require ambulance assistance. If they are nearby and can get to the clinic quickly, they are encouraged to visit the emergency department and will be treated as soon as possible.

The clinic also provides treatments for changes in mental states and feelings of wanting to harm oneself and others. The clinic staff are fully trained and qualified to work well under pressure and deal with urgent situations as they arise. Patients can find more information at the link above or by calling 563-388-7000