Mexican Thieves Stealing US Border Fence Wire to Secure Tijuana Homes

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( — March 21, 2019) — Mexican thieves have stolen parts of the border fence barbed wire in order to sell it to home owners in Tijuana for securing their property. Catching the thieves in the act has proven to be difficult according to Tijuana police Chief Marco Antonio Sotomayor Amezcua.

“We know about the theft of barbed wire because United States authorities have requested our help,” Sotomayor said. As he explained, the American barbed wire is stronger and better quality than the one found in Mexican stores, and it’s easy to steal.

To stop “wall climbers” crossing from Mexico to the US, President Donald Trump ordered that the security fence separating San Diego from Tijuana be topped with barbed wire. But the razor-sharp wire paid by the US tax payers is a desirable commodity in Tijuana where homicide doubled in last two years.

The thieves need only minutes to cut the barbed wire and usually manage to slip away before officers arrive on the scene. Meanwhile, footage from Mexican television shows Tijuana houses newly wired-up.

The fence guarding US borders from swarms of immigrants from Mexico has a long history. In 1993, then-President Bill Clinton signed Operation Gatekeeper into law. The operation was based on building infrastructures such as walls and the use of technology to help curb illegal immigration.

The immigrant crisis is hitting the European Union hard too. Since the war in Syria millions of refugees from Africa and Asia rushed across the Mediterranean Sea to the EU. Fighting immigrants boosted the terrorism in this country dubbed as the “Gate of the EU.”

A recent incident occurred in Milano, Italy, when a school bus driver from Senegal threatened to set a bus with children in it on fire, protesting the measures of the Italian government against ships with immigrants on the Mediterranean Sea.

The Italian national television RAI reported that students, 51 of them aged around 12 years, alarmed their parents when the driver kidnapped the bus refusing to let children out.  The parents immediately called the police.

In a brief police intervention the driver was arrested and the children saved. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt but some 23 children were admitted to the local hospital with cuts and bruises.

The driver is charged with the counts of kidnapping and attempted mass murder. It remains unclear how a person of high risk, previously known to the police for DUI and sexual assault got to be a school bus driver in the first place.