Experts Now Reveal the Faces of Male Depression Men Should Be Warned Against

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( — March 28, 2019) Orlando, FL — More and more researchers are carrying out studies to explore how depression can be prevented and treated. While there are medications available, it is worth mentioning the prevalence of the condition continues to increase.

According to experts, depression in men is absolutely not a sign of emotional weakness or masculinity failure.

This brain disorder is not selective of gender, age, or other factors. It can happen to pretty much anyone, including those known to be successful and happy.

Health authorities warn that this condition can alter how a male sufferer feels, thinks, and functions on a daily basis. It also has huge, negative impacts on work, school, family, sleep, diet, and relationships.

There are signs of depression, and they can manifest physically. It can include sleep problems, frequent headaches, backaches, digestive disorders, of sexual dysfunction. It could also lead to anger and reckless behavior.

The common scenarios depressed individuals feel are hopelessness, helplessness, loss of interest in the things previously enjoyed, and irritability.

Mental health experts strongly recommend resorting to some measures to reduce or manage depression.

Some macrominerals like magnesium have been reputed to help fight brain disorders like magnesium.

Studies have shown magnesium plays a vital role not just in mood regulation, but also brain function.

Health authorities even warn against reduced magnesium levels, which are linked with the increased likelihood of depression.

Scientists carried out a study involving more than 8,800 individuals. They found that individuals under 65 years old with the lowest magnesium intake had a greater depression risk by 22 percent.

Some studies have also suggested that low content of magnesium in modern food is one of the contributors of the many cases of depression and mental illness.

Supplementation of magnesium could aid in reducing depression symptoms. There have even been cases where intake of this macromineral produced dramatic depression-fighting benefits.

Researchers carried out a randomized controlled trial involving depressed older adults.

It was found that intake of 450 mg of magnesium enhanced mood as effectively as an anti-depressant medication.

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