Easy Ad Wizard Website Banner Ad Software Launched

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(Newswire.net — March 22, 2019) — New York, NY — Muncheye and internet marketer Noel Cunningham announced the launch of Easy Ad Wizard, a point-and-click website banner ad creation software. Priced at a front-end rate of $20, the software bundle is expected to launch on the 22nd of March, 2019.

Product launchpad company Muncheye and product creator Noel Cunningham announced the launch of Easy Ad Wizard, a drag & drop website banner ad creation software with add-on features. The product is scheduled for launch on the 22nd of March, 2019

More information about Easy Ad Wizard is available at http://letsgolook.at/EasyAdWizard_

The point-and-click advertising banner creation software features a comprehensive library of graphic assets and more than 30 done-for-you templates to enable marketers and businesses to quickly create engaging and conversion-friendly banner ads for any product or service in any niche.

The traditional method to creating a single banner advertisement usually requires the expensive services of a graphic designer, a working knowledge of graphics packages such as Adobe Photoshop, and the time to customize designs for a business. Easy Ad Wizard allows users to create custom banner ads for use on any website within minutes.

The product pack contains more than 100 graphical elements and offers unlimited save & redo capabilities, full-color control, text and shape customization, layer management, and design previews. Other capabilities include user image upload, product support, and full cloud access. The product is available with a full developer license.

Easy Ad Wizard is bundled with detailed over-the-shoulder training content and does not require any prior technical or graphic design skills. The online software is accessible from any location and is supported by a 60-day money-back guarantee as well as regular feature updates.

According to a spokesperson for Easy Ad Wizard, “Professional website banner ads placed strategically throughout a site can maximize the profits earned from each visitor. Easy Ad Wizard is a transformational product that changes the way businesses and marketers can create, deploy, and benefit from on-page advertising.”

Easy Ad Wizard is expected to launch at a front-end price of $20. More information is available at https://muncheye.com/easy-ad-wizard and at the URL above.