Investing in Colorado Cannabis Industry

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( — March 25, 2019) — Marijauana is becoming recognized as an agricultural and medical product. Here’s why you should invest in this. 

The Cannabis Mission

Every year more and more countries accept / recognize the cultivation of marijuana as part of agriculture, medical and pharmaceutical field, and other areas of human activity, but not drugs. The mission of the cannabis industry is to develop the cultivation and distribution of marijuana for medical purposes to treat a range of diseases in an alternative way. Around the world there are many state and public organizations that promote and develop the matter of the benefits of cannabis treatment instead of expensive, traditional pharmacology.

Why invest in the US Cannabis Business

There are many countries where cannabis businesses are legal: The Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, Portugal, Chile, Jamaica, Uruguay and others. But it is in the USA that the most favorable conditions are created for this at the level of states where it has been legalized, especially for recreational use. As of January 2019, 30 states legalized medical and / or recreational marijuana.

5 Reasons to Invest into US Cannabis Industry:

  1. A relatively new market that is just beginning to develop with unique opportunities to take your place at the roots of the industry and grow your own business in a new promising area.
  2. Set up the business in those states where it is legalized, and with each new state legalizing cannabis, enter a completely new market, with a scalable set up. Tremendous opportunities to develop your business nationwide.
  3. If we take Silver Stem Fine Cannabis as an example – its own grow facility with sustainable high-quality flower and a chain of stores with room for more revenue. With a MIP (marijuana infused products) manufacturing in the plans – concentrates, edibles and others – using own high-quality flower, it paves the way for creating a brand and volume to be sold in other stores outside the chain.
  4. No corporations. Due to certain laws, there is currently no big company in the United States that would be considered a leader in the cultivation, production or sale of flower. But there are many large companies in every state. Given this situation, it is much easier to develop a business without competing with market players ready to buy out anyone in their way.

Risks and Challenges:

  1. Cannabis is currently a Schedule I drug at the federal level of the United States. This is a fact that poses some challenges at the moment but it is not a problem. There are many laws that unrelated to the cannabis industry, that are in place at the federal level, but not a state one.
  2. Crops. Every company and every business can experience crop problems. Whether it is pests, or equipment malfunction. Every business owner has encountered them at least once. But due to high yield the mishaps in this industry do not threaten bankruptcy, and getting back on the horse will not take years. There are always new crops and a new high-quality flower to grow and the cycle does not take a whole year.

These are not all the pros and cons of this type of investment, but only the basics, and you should definitely see for yourself how to further advance in business. The complexity of its development is there, but at the same time its rewards, thanks to high quality sustainable production and a professional team, such as Silver Stem Fine Cannabis are enormous.