The SPLC Scandal: Who watches the watchdog?

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( — March 26, 2019) — The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), was one of the most active organizations against racism, hate speech and harassment. The organization is now in quite a bit of trouble after information leaked that SPLC is harassing its own workers, Russia Today reports.

The SPLC  founder Morris Dees was fired amid the scandal, but the exact reasons were not disclosed. The move triggered a multitude of resignations amid the harassment of non-white and female staff members. The resignation string includes the organization’s president Richard Cohen, who took personal responsibility for any mistreatment that occurred within the organization on his watch.

Analysts say that the SPLC will never recover to what it once was: a watchdog organization that the media was quick to quote without question. Pryor to the scandal, SPLC was shaken by a multitude of lawsuits that the watchdog group lost and was then ordered to pay millions to individuals they marked as haters and racists.

“Corruption has been going on in the SPLC for decades, and it finally got so bad that somebody tried to put a stop to it,” said Glen Allen, a lawyer who lost his job after being blacklisted by the organization.

According to Allen, the organization became caught up in corruption by focusing on bringing donations from targets that needed the SPLC’s stamp of approval.

“They purport to go after hate groups, but their definition of hate group is so amorphous, that it really comes down to people who they, with their left-wing orientation, decide are their political enemies,” Allen told RT.

“Their [SPLC’s] actions are un-American and unfair and they are motivated by fundraising purposes primarily,” Allen told RT arguing that The Southern Poverty Law Center’s definition of hate groups is “so amorphous that really comes down to people that they with their left wing orientation decides are the political enemies.”

“The Southern Poverty Law Center has targeted many family-oriented Christian groups and labeled them as hate groups,” said Political commentator and award-winning author Carol Miller Swain, who found herself a target of the SPLC after accusing it of double standards.

He expressed doubt that SPLC’s new leadership will be different that the one before because of the political nature of the hate group watchdog that has become a hate group itself.