Experts Now Reveal the Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Kids

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( — April 8, 2019) Wilmington, DELAWARE — There is an increasing number of studies that show the benefits of art therapy. Experts even recommend that arts and crafts are highly advantageous to children.

According to experts, parents need to understand that these activities are essential for the development of children.

Arts and crafts aid in the development of bilateral coordination and fine motor skills. These will help them learn and even be ready for various basic activities, such as tying their shoes, dressing, and showering.

It has further been found that these activities may also help hone their fine motor skills and enhance their visual processing abilities. It is important to understand that this cognitive development is vital in a child’s early years.

Experts also stress that arts and crafts actually have a way of making children, especially toddlers, feel good about themselves. Such an effect is empowering, and often has a positive emotional responses to learning.

There are many other benefits such as teaching children to express themselves, and this can be highly therapeutic. It also encourages creativity and allows children to explore their imagination.

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