Emerging Study Shows Erectile Dysfunction May Signal Heart Disease

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(Newswire.net — April 10, 2019) Orlando, FL — In some areas around the globe, there are many who suffer from cardiovascular disease. There are many indicators that this condition is developing, and one symptom particularly affects men.

A new study published in the Vascular Medicine journal has revealed that erectile dysfunction can signal cardiovascular concerns.

It is important to remember that ED is a serious issue for men. There is a myriad of products claiming to cure ED such as over-the-counter treatments, prescription drugs, and herbal concoctions. However, it is always important to see a health care provider before using anything.

Scientists analyzed 28 previous studies on the association between heart disease and erectile dysfunction. They found a relationship between erectile dysfunction and poor endothelial function.Medicalnewstoday.com even explains that blood vessels can’t fully dilate and allow blood to flow through. Endothelial dysfunction is actually an early symptom of atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis is a condition that happens when there is plaque buildup in the arteries. This increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. The researchers further found there was thickening of one of the inner two layers of the carotid artery.

This, according to experts, is another indicator of heart disease. Preventive measures may be made after early detection. There are many ways to possibly fight ED like blood pressure medications, getting more exercise, and following a healthy diet.

According to Boston University heart specialists Naomi Hamburg, MD and Matt Kluge, MD, the occurrence of ED portends a greater risk of future cardiovascular events.

This is particularly applicable in intermediate-risk men and may even be used as an opportunity to intensify cardiovascular risk prevention strategies.Erectile dysfunction is still being studied to validate its link with cardiovascular ailments. Experts strongly advice to take the measures necessary just to improve heart protection and health. 

There are nutrients found to be potentially helpful against the condition. One is magnesium, which is needed for healthy control of blood pressure regulation, blood vessel function, and normal heart contractions.

It is worth mentioning that deficiency in this mineral has been associated with the increased risk of hypertension, endothelial dysfunction, and cardiacarrythmias.

Reduce magnesium levels in the body has been found to potentially raise the risk of fatal conditions of heart rhythm called cardiac arrhythmias.

Aside from its heart health benefits, magnesium has also been found to offer many advantages to human health and survival. Its deficiency has been found to produce problems that do not only affect the heart, but also other parts of the body.

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