Experts Reveal Secrets of Diet for Dogs Suffering from Cancer

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( — April 5, 2019) Orlando, FL — For many people, dogs are more than just pets. They are faithful and loving furry family members that should be given the care and love they deserve. Dogs with life-threatening conditions have certain needs that owners should properly address.

Experts reveal some secrets to giving a beneficial diet to dogs suffering from cancer. Just like humans, dogs with fatal conditions need a special diet, which is one that can help strengthen their immune system.

Cancer and other diseases can make the immune system of dogs spiral down, and this can make their health and overall life condition worse. Unfortunately, there are aggressive cancer therapies that also cause stress to the immune system.

Having the right diet is imperative for dogs with cancer. During therapy, their body needs to develop new tissue. When their nutritional needs are not properly addressed, their bodies are forced to use the proteins and cell membrane compounds that their bodies are already in short supply of.

Sick dogs that do not have the right diet often suffer from liver complications, severely weakened kidneys, and atrophy or muscle wasting. It is critical to feed dogs with the right food and refrain from giving them varieties that may contain too many grains.

If the dog is fed with dry commercial food, owners are advised to choose ones with added animal protein such as cottage cheese, canned sardines, hamburger, chicken, and ground turkey.

There are veterinarians that recommend a raw diet while others say cooked food is better. What pet owners should make sure of is to feed their furry family members with appropriate amounts of animal-based protein as well as fats.

One of the potentially beneficial fats is omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are widely believed to be essential for the proper functioning of the body and brain. This fat is also thought to be beneficial for those fighting cancer.

There have been studies that suggest omega-3 fatty acids may have the potential to reduce inflammation, shrink tumors, and provide a myriad of health benefits.

Omega-3 fatty acids can be obtained from fish such as tuna, sardines, cod, herring, and salmon. There are also fish oil supplements that are believed to contain higher concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids.

Dogs with cancer that weigh roughly 20 pounds are often advised to take 1000 mg of fish oil on a daily basis. Dogs often like the fishy smell so it can be quite easy to incorporate fish oil supplements into their diet.

Fish oil supplements are widely used nowadays as a natural alternative for a range of conditions. (

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