Applications of Vacuum Cleaner – for a Clean Home

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( — March 29, 2019) — Often, many chores can be successfully accomplished with just one tool. The vacuum cleaner is one of the most multi-functional household appliances, especially one with various attachments and tools. From dusting shelves to soothing your baby (or pet), there are plenty of different applications of vacuum cleaners worth trying.

Applications of a Vacuum Cleaner

1.White Noise for Naps

If the baby is introduced to the loud humming of the vacuum early on, it can become soothing to him similar to white noise. Many parents have started as early as 3 months old, but some don’t feel comfortable trying until the baby is about 6 months old.  This way you can multitask without feeling rushed or worrying about waking the baby up during a nap.

2. Dust Ceiling Fans, Shelves, Blinds

These accessories are some of the hardest areas to clean, however absolutely necessary. Although there are products you can use specifically made for cleaning these things, just save the money and time and just clean them while vacuuming.

While you’re vacuuming passed those dusty blades and blinds, use the hose and give them a quick swipe across. Saves you so much time.

3. Groom Cats and Dogs

Similar with the infant, this is something you may have to get a pet used to in early ages of life to be able to do this (unless they are fine with it anyway). However, some cats find the vacuum soothing and like humming and vibration of their body. If your dog or cat allow you to do so, you can find an attachment that brushes or vacuums excess hair.

4. Inflate an Air Mattress

Apparently, there are multiple little hacks to doing this. You can search this on Youtube and there are accessories you can buy that allow you to securely attach to the mattress. However, if you can attach the hose to the back where the bag or cylinder go and connect the other side to air mattress, you can inflate the mattress in 10 to 20 seconds!

5. Find Tiny Things

If you’ve lost an earring, screw or peice to a toy, you can find it easily with this tip. Use an old panty hose or cheese cloth on the end of the hose and secure it with a rubber band (or hair tie, string, etc). Brush that against the area that you’ve dropped the item or just go around the house finding little treasures laying everywhere. This can pick of pennies, dimes and dollars, however, quarters and other heavier items might not be picked up by all vacuum strengths.

6. Carpet Creases Be Gone

If you have creases or dents in your carpet from heavy or long standing furniture being in one place, you can put ice on the dents then vacuum it up once the ice has melted. Very few say that just spraying the area with a little water and baking soda will work as well, but can change the color of your carpet. Therefore, ice wins the majority.

7. Clean Dryer Vents

Did you know that the build up of dust and lint in your dryer can cause mold or a fire if not cleaned up entirely. It’s not enough just take off the lint and debris from the trap screen. Reach the hose of the vacuum into the lint trap of your dryer and the inside the machine to clean it out.

If you want to save some time, you can get a lot of household chores done with just the vacuum. While you are going around cleaning the carpet, you can dust your shelves, find your lost jewelry, and clean other appliances for the safety of yourself and your family with all these applications of a vacuum cleaner.