Food Fundraising Ideas for Schools- Earn for Your Cause

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( — March 30, 2019) — Fundraising is a great way for schools to provide more money towards educational programs, after-school clubs, extracurricular activities, and daycare. While there are a variety of options to choose from, food events seem to be the best option since everybody loves tasty and flavorful dishes. With that in mind, here are some of the best food fundraising ideas for schools to try.

Food Fundraising Ideas for Schools

1. Popcorn Fundraiser

Different from candy bars, Proper Popcorn is still a quite healthy snack unless they are filled with too much butter, salt, or sugar. To make everything even simpler, there are many services available with whom you could work to set up a popcorn fundraiser or event for your school. The company will provide you with gourmet popcorns, and all you need to do is selling the product and splitting the profit.

2. Lemonade Stand

Transform this old-time and classic favorite activity into an event which could meet your school’s fundraising needs. Teachers will help students set up and decorate lemonade stands on any occasion. After that, students could market and sell the lemonade to fund a project in the curriculum. Make sure to have all the tools and supplies donated as well.

3. Jelly Bean Count

This fundraising idea for schools is famous for a specific reason. It is incredibly entertaining and simple to set up. Place a bottle of jellybeans in the hallway. Have students or teacher pay one or two dollars to guess the exact number jellybeans in the bottle. At the end of the guessing week, announce one winner who guessed the closest number. The winner will keep the bottle or win another prize.

4. Cupcake Decorating

This can be a great opportunity for the young ones. Cupcakes are also quite affordable to bake. You can reach out to different classes or families to bring in their favorite flavors and tastes of baked cupcakes. Get toppings donated or purchase them in bulk: coconut flakes, chocolate chips, icing, etc. The customers will pay a small amount of money for the cupcake and can decorate it.

5. Pancake Breakfast

Spruce up the menu of your school by offering pancakes in the morning before students go to the school gym. Offer refreshments and drinks as well, and charge each serving for fundraising purposes.

6. Cook-Off

Plan an interesting theme such as pancakes, chili, or muffins and have students pay a small fee to register their best dishes. A good ideal to enhance the number of donations is to allow guests to judge the dishes by donating themselves.

7. Alumni Luncheon

Cooperate with a local restaurant and organize a luncheon for your students or alumni. You could host this party as an independent even or a part of the student or alumni weekend. To fundraise, you can choose to ask for donations from attendees or sell tickets.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many food fundraising ideas for schools. With these activities, your students could gain many essential skills such as confidence, leadership, problem-solving, while still getting money for curricular activities. The key is to engaging everybody and teaching them the importance of caring, creativity, and community.