Floor Plan Mistakes – Plan Out the Perfect Home

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(Newswire.net — April 1, 2019) — We spend a great deal of time in our houses. They are where we have family time, eat, sleep, host guests and do plenty of other activities. Given the value of your property, it’s crucial that you give its design extra thought, care and time. Many people rush into the process only to realize when it’s too late that the floor plan they chose doesn’t work for them. Here are a few floor plan mistakes to avoid.

Floor Plan Mistakes

Assuming Every Floor Plan Fits Your Lifestyle

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when choosing a floor plan is that you forget to consider what’s appropriate for you and your family. Start by assessing your lifestyle before choosing a floor plan. For instance, consider whether you would like a single story or a multi-story home. The idea is to go for a floor plan that will be comfortable for you and your family, while also fitting that into your budget.

Overlooking Site Conditions and Aspects

You cannot design a house floor plan without analyzing the site. For instance, you want to establish where the sun moves around the plot as well as where pleasant winds come from before placing living spaces, bedrooms and services. If the building site is adjacent to a noise source, then you can consider adding a buffering space such as a mass of trees to reduce noise.

Assuming the Sizes of a Floor Plan Are Adequate

It’s not uncommon to read the dimensions of a room on a floor plan and then realize that the furniture you intended for that room won’t fit. As such, it’s important to measure your existing furniture before deciding on the final sizes for your home. For instance, if you’re not sure about the size of a room, measure existing tables, furniture and walking areas to find out exactly how much space you need for the floor plan. Be sure to add additional space for easy movement or if you’re planning to expand your rooms.

Disregarding Storage Space

Storage spaces have a crucial role to play in any home. You don’t want to be forced to keep ironing boards, brooms and sweepers in an already cluttered bathroom or at unused corners of your bedrooms.

Failing to Consider the Safety of Little Ones

When you’re working on a floor plan, safety should always come first. You can’t afford to compromise safety for aesthetic reasons. Make sure floor plan amenities such as stairs, balconies and expansive glass showers have railings and other safety features that make them appropriate for small children.

Bottom Line

Another common mistake when looking at floor plans is choosing a floor plan that doesn’t work with your present budget. Set a budget and try not to be swayed by a selling agent to select a floor plan that will strain your finances. Also, you can always upgrade your home in the future: from innovative additions and finishes to possibly adding amenities and even area. Avoid some of these common floor plan mistakes, and you should be on your way to building an amazing home of your dreams.