A Box of Luxury Eternal Roses for Your Loved One Launched

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(Newswire.net — April 2, 2019) — When it comes to showing someone how much you love them or care about them, words are never enough. It is the gesture that counts and says so much more than just those three words. In situations like these roses always come in handy. Whether it is a special occasion or just another night that you are grateful for, giving a rose to your loved one will always make them happy.

However, they do not last longer and that is a fact. When someone gives you a bunch of roses and you set them up in a flower vase, it makes you happy but looking at them die so soon hurts. Well, now there is a proper solution of this problem. No, it is not artificial roses; it is real luxury roses in a box.

These roses come in a box and can last for almost one year, and even more if taken good care of. You might think that there is no such thing and even if there is, it cannot be real roses. Yes, your concerns are rational and that is why these roses are unique; they are eternal. The process of preparing them is intense and is taken care of properly. Under very specific conditions, these roses are grown and then processed in a way which makes them durable for so long.

The Process:

Ecuador is the country where these utterly mesmerizing roses are grown especially for you. With them getting direct sunlight for approximately 12 hours a day as it is not just close to the earth but are also on a high altitude, which makes them closest to the sun from earth. There are certain other factors that also contribute to the nurturing of these world class roses like: the environment, the soil which is volcanic in nature and special care. The process of harvesting is also delayed to almost 1-2 weeks so that the roses get complete chance to grow and bloom the way they do.

Once they have been harvested, the process of preservation starts over. The farming conditions are necessary but they still need some kind of preservation process because once you receive them in the box, you do not have to do anything, no watering, no sunlight or soil exchange, nothing. The formula used for this course of action enables the rose to give a still image of nature for months.

The importance of Box:

Packing is the most important part of the whole idea and so the only thing that needs to be taken care of once it arrives at your place. The preserved roses in a box is a concept and you need to respect it. As mentioned above, there is no need for you to water these flowers or keep them in sunlight for them to last longer. In fact, it’s the opposite. If you will put them in sunlight or start watering them, they will not be able to sustain for as long as promised. This is exactly why the box is important. It keeps them together along with the formula that has been used for the preservation. Hence, what you need to do is understand that these are for indoor purposes and do not give the roses something that is not needed. The box is there to protect the flowers and it will for as long as possible. The only condition required is that you do not take the roses out of the box; they do feel safer inside.

How to get a box of your choice?

Since the roses will be in the same container for as long as they will be in your guest room or bedroom, it is essential that you like the packaging. There are various types available for you to choose from which includes a number of colors and fabric material used. Another category to choose from is the acrylic clear keepsake boxes. If not that, you can custom design your arrangement since the only thing that matters is your happiness. You can take a look at the available ideas and then create one for yourself.

Roses have always been of great help in expressing your feelings that words sometimes can’t. it doesn’t always have to be a res rose, they come in different colors and signify different values of love, care, friendship, peace and harmony. You can choose whichever works for you or combine all of them; it’s up to you. We hope that your experience in getting these eternal roses proves to be among the best experiences of your life!