UK CBD Oil Health Benefits Pain Relief Anxiety Depression Video Launched

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( — April 6, 2019) — CBD Armour, the UK’s leading CBD oil company, launched a new video on the health benefits of CBD oil. Including an overview of the most important positive effects of CBD oil – including pain relief, reduced inflammation, anxiety and depression management, neuroprotective properties and various others – the video is an engaging introduction into the potential uses of CBD oil.

You can watch the video here:

With more and more research highlighting its numerous beneficial health effects, CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Millions of users are reporting improvements in their sleep, energy levels, circulation, depression and anxiety, pain relief, among others, with the medical community becoming increasingly open towards the use of CBD oil for health purposes.

The new video by CBD Armour is designed as an accessible and engaging overview of the main benefits of CBD oil.

The six benefits discussed in the video include pain relieve, anxiety and depression control, alleviation of cancer-related symptoms, acne reduction, neuroprotective properties, and cardiovascular health improvement.

CBD Armour offers a variety of CBD oil products, including essential oils, skin balms, coffee and soap.

All products are based on organic hemp and contain no THC, the psychoactive component found in hemp. The CBD Armour products adhere to all UK laws and regulations and are completely safe to use.

The efficiency of CBD Armour products has been widely recognized by thousands of users, including TV star and music artist Cici Cavanagh and fitness model and former professional rugby league footballer Stuart Reardon.

A satisfied client said: “I absolutely love this company, I’m so happy that I’ve found them, to be honest. I suffer from epilepsy and using the CBD oil that these guys make so well relieves the symptoms and prevents my seizures. If I feel a fit coming I take a few drops and the seizure aura passes. As for the company, they deliver so quickly knowing that they are helping their customers so much, I really appreciate it. I would always recommend these guys.”

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