Garage Door Problems and Solutions – What to Look for

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( — April 10, 2019) — Garage doors are a crucial part of our day to day life. Be it the residential garage door or commercial one, you must ensure that it properly working all the time. But there are certain issues and problems that are quite common regarding the garage doors. Also, there are some uncommon ones too like insect nest growing right on the photo eye sensor or your door is hit by a tennis ball. These problems have solutions too. While some solutions can be easily tackled by you, some problems may require professional service. So, here are some of the garage door problems and solutions that you must know.

Garage Door Problems and Solutions

Problem #1: Transmitter Batteries are Dead

Well, this is one of the common problems when it comes to garage door failure. If your garage door stops working suddenly, make sure to check the batteries of the transmitter. In case the batteries are dead, the transmitter will not be able to send any signal to the garage door and it will not open.

Solution: The solution is, of course, quite simple and you can do this on your own. You need to replace the batteries of transmitter.

Problem #2: Photo Eye Sensor is Improperly Aligned

The photo eye sensor plays a vital role for the safety and security of your vehicle, as well as for house. If the photo eye sensor detects anything in the door’s path then it will not close to avoid serious injuries or damages. Often, misaligned photo eye sensor can cause the hindrance. If you see that the garage door is opening properly but not closing down, then check the photo eye sensor position. It may be misaligned or there is something on it.

Solution: You can try by cleaning the photo sensors and the surroundings. If doesn’t close, then the alignment of the eye is not right.

Problem #3: Broken Springs

This is another common problem that you may face when it comes to garage doors. Of course, the garage door works with the help of the spring, be it for opening or for closing. The main symptom of broken spring of the garage is a loud noise or bang from your garage. If it is the case and your garage door is having problem to function properly, then the spring is broken.

Solution: You need to replace the torsion spring for your garage. Every spring comes with a specific number of open and close cycles. Once the cycle is over, it is likely to get broken.

Bottom Line

So, these are the three most common garage door problems and solutions. You should also check the tracks to see if they need to be adjusted. Changing the batteries and cleaning the photo sensors and fairly simple fixes. However, you must not try to change the spring or do other mechanical things yourself to fix the garage doors unless you have been trained to do so. This can cause further damages to the garage door and its parts.