How Can I Get More Spotify Plays to My Songs?

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( — April 11, 2019) — Your songs are full of soul and depth, and you want the world to hear this out? After uploading it on Spotify, you are looking for music lovers and more plays on that song of yours? Confused how to get this done? Yes, it’s pretty hard for a new artist to build a fan base and reach more audiences for the recognition of an excellent potential artist. Tracks on Spotify are listed on the frequency of the played track. Spotify plays can be bought to increase the ranking of your music. Since Spotify has all original songs available including every western singer on earth and is easily accessible across the globe, the playing of your song stands in a highly competitive myriad of tracks. However, you don’t need to worry much as some tips can help boost Spotify plays on your record, these are as follows.

Buy Spotify Plays

Spotify plays as eye-catching as red flags. It is an instant attraction for the listener which means the visibility of more plays will tempt them to engage themselves in listening to your song. Buying the plays will give an impression that your song is worth their time and the track has something unique to which they must provide an ear to. They will check it out!

Increase song popularity

Buying plays interlinked to song popularity like this, in turn, helps in increasing the song rating. Buying Spotify plays will draw more listeners to indulge in your music, and this may result in a fan following list one day!

Produce several tracks

Don’t stick to producing only one genre of music. You should keep testing your vocals to different tunes and blending it with different instruments.  Spend more time in making quality music rather than trying to get more listeners. People have a taste for different genres of music, and if they like your music, they will stick to it.

Use blogging and contact influencers

Collaborate with famous bloggers and influencers trending on social media; ask them to make recommendations for listening to your song especially if they like the genre you sing in. Have the bloggers make snaps about listening to your song and posting the link of it to their profiles. This works as people are usually curious about social media influencer’s likings and taste for music so they will check out the link.

You can also make your blog and keep posting updates of your song’s link every time you have prepared one to be aired. Spotify has a friendly interference and is low data consumption, so listeners don’t give it a second thought about clicking the link as its accessible.

Create a playlist

Keep your tracks sorted in a separate genre of the playlist. Every time you have produced records of the same mode create a different playlist. This will make it easier for your fans to find their favorite music of yours, the more they visit your playlist, the more chances are they will want to listen to other songs too on your playlist, thus increasing the number of plays.

Share progress publically

If your song is fantabulous and has enough plays, it may get a chance to get featured in Spotify editors or curators, share the joy! Share it on your profile whether Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with your fans. A plus point to this would be following this success up with a small sponsored social media post which, whenever played can reach more and more people. People have a keen eye for these posts and do keep a follow-up. This will drastically increase your song plays!

Spotify generated lists

Spotify consists of the ‘Discover’ section which is devoted to featuring and adding fresh tracks and new artists. They cover new tracks of different genres like pop, rock, RnB, and others. Most listeners are fond of exploring new songs and if your track has that spirit to make it to ‘Discover,’ the listeners and plays and Voila you hit your target right there!