Dryer Maintenance Cleaning – Increasing Longevity

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(Newswire.net — April 18, 2019) — As a homeowner you want to take care of all of your appliances the best you can. Taking time to clean the big appliances such as your dryer will benefit your family in so many way. Although it may take some time and a little heavy lifting, knowing the best dryer maintenance cleaning tips will benefit your home.

Dryer Maintenance Cleaning

Lint Screen and Lint Trap

Some people think that these two are the same thing, but they are not. The lint screen and tray are easily accessible and visible either on the front, top or inside the dryer door. For the lint screen, just simply pull it out of the tray, clear it with your hands and throw the collection of lint away. This should be done after every load of laundry. The inside of the lint tray should be cleaned weekly. You can either use a vacuum accessory to vacuum up the lint that could have fallen in or use a long duster or special brush to remove the lint. 

Cleaning the lint from the vents and screens of your dryer will not only help the efficiency of your dryer, but it will also prevent house fires. Every year over 2,000 homes are affected by house fires that are caused from dryer lint catching on fire. This has resulted in high repair costs, injuries and death in some cases.

Dryer Vent

In order to clean the dryer vent you need to be able to pull the machine out in order to get to the back where the vent is located and connected to the wall. When you see the vent, undo the clamp and check inside to see if there is a blockage or build up of lint. Remove as much of the build up as you can with your hands and throw it away. Then use your vacuum to get the remaining lint and thoroughly clean inside the vent. When finished, reattach your dryer back into the wall and put it back into position.

Dryer Tips for Lint Build Up

  • Consider hanging lint-prone items such as pet beds and dusting cloths to dry instead of adding them to the dryer.
  • You can always call a specialist to look deeper into the dryer vent to make sure all of the lint has been collected.
  • Once a month, take out the lint trap and wash it with warm water and a mild soap, then let it air dry.
  • For sticky things like gum that can get stuck on the inside drum of the dryer, rub it with warm olive oil and scrape off with scraper or spatula when it is softened.
  • Clean the inside of the dryer with a gentle cleaner and wipe it with paper towel once a month as well.

Homeowners should be taking the little extra effort to maintain the longevity of their appliances. For many reasons, dryer maintenance cleaning is important for the sake of your clothes as well and the safety of your family.