Licensed Hypnotherapist Tammy Smith Virtual Hypnotherapy Programs Launched

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( — April 22, 2019) — Tammy Smith from Next level therapy launched a new series of virtual hypnotherapy sessions. The aim of these relaxed and comfortable programs is to allow everyone access to professional therapeutic sessions without paying a high cost and without having to travel to appointments.

Tammy Smith, a licensed clinical hypnotherapist based in Victoria, British Columbia, announced the launch of a series of new virtual hypnotherapy programs on her website. The new programs allow people to enjoy professional hypnotherapy sessions designed to better their mind and spirit in the comfort of their own home.

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Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that uses the power of positive suggestion and leads to a change in the subconscious mind. This process aims to alter the state of consciousness in a way that relaxes the conscious mind, while simultaneously stimulating and focusing the subconscious mind. As such, hypnotherapy is now widely regarded as a treatment for habit breaking, stress related issues and a range of long-term conditions.

Because negative beliefs can add a lot of misery to a person’s life, finding a process that will help eliminate those blocks is very important. Tammy Smith teaches people how to bring more health, love and happiness into their lives through the use of hypnosis and therapeutic techniques.

Through hypnotherapy, Tammy helps people diffuse those negative blocks and recreate their lives. Her virtual sessions use a relaxation and conversational technique that induces a hypnotic state easily facilitated via digital media or the phone. The end result can help people relieve and reduce stress, tap into those inner resources they did not know they had and subsequently make changes in their life.

Tammy’s particular type of hypnotherapy at Next level therapy allows people to step into a life full of personal power and rich life experiences. Her proven therapeutic online sessions can help dissolve a wide range of problems, including migraines, anxiety, bad habits, negative mindset, mood swings, grief and many more.

A satisfied patient said: “Tammy has really opened my eyes as to what Hypnotherapy can do! I have had several a-ha moments with her that have helped me view another perspective on feelings that had scarred me for decades. It was scary to confront them but in order to move forward, you need to go back. Thank you!”

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website or calling +1-431-557-7007.