Why Interior Designers Should Consider Video Marketing

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(Newswire.net — April 23, 2019) — Many interior designers face a little bit of a dilemma. Prospective clients don’t get the full experience of a successful interior design project by looking at still images. While they can certainly show the level of detail in one area or collection of living spaces, being able to appreciate how each interior looks and visually taking it all in is another matter. Photos just don’t do it justice.

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Here are some of the reasons why interior designers should consider video marketing as the next step in their marketing plan.

Create a Story Through Film

Using dependable Video Production in Orlando, it’s possible to tell a story about a project from its earliest beginnings right through to the satisfactory completion.

Examining the blueprints for the building and plans for the interior design, the team can talk animatedly about what inspired them. Looking at different fabric choices and product ideas, a designer can discuss on video about how they took their original vision and turned it into an attractive, livable space that delighted the client.

A video walk-through of the original rooms and then how they looked after completion also makes the differences very clear. Looking at both the distance and close-up visuals, people can appreciate the attention to detail that’s gone into every aspect of the project.

Video Marketing is Growing Fast

Whether showing a “before and after” video on your website or uploading it to YouTube, video marketing is strong and only getting more powerful. While the written word works well, given that design is a visual medium, it makes sense to capture it on video too.

Not only is it good for brand recognition, but people who are interested in interiors might find your videos either through Google search engine or YouTube (which Google owns). With a link in the description of each video clip on your YouTube channel, viewers can click-through to your website to learn more about your services.

Use Videos During Prospective Client Visits

Video marketing can also include using videos on prospective client visits.

One idea is to hold back some videos from being shared either on your site or a video sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo. Then load these up on an Android tablet or iPad. They’re then easy to share on a client visit by handing the tablet to the homeowner or couple living there. Because the content won’t have been seen before, they’ll get to view it for the first time and ask any questions that they might have. This could include why certain design choices were made or what material was used for the cushion covering or the throw rug, for instance.

Using video when meeting people in-person is powerful. Rather than them trying to remember what they have seen before or loading up your company’s website to find a video that interests them, it’s made accessible directly from the tablet. The immediacy of this enhances the experience and personalizes it, which is useful when needing to establish a rapport.

For industries and professions that rely on their visuals, using video is almost always a sensible idea. While interior designers can share fabrics swatches to add a tactile element to their presentation, video offers another dimension entirely. If you haven’t started using video marketing, isn’t it time you tried it?