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( — April 29, 2019) Victoria Point, QLD — Business Coach, James McNamara has launched a new website. The site details James’ business coaching services offered in Brisbane.

The website provides information and downloadable resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs. This information is based on James’ business coaching experience in Brisbane. Visitors can expect to pick up useful insights into small business growth, team leadership, sales, and marketing.

James took on his first small business client in 1996. Since that time, he has coached many small businesses. His new site provides information and resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.

Three useful resources available on the site include;

  • 13 Profit Levers That Can Double Your Business This Year
  • 7 Ways to Build a Profitable Base of A-Grade Customers
  • 7 Practical Leadership Principles to Engage Your Team and Boost Productivity.

James’ new site includes a number of testimonials from his Brisbane business coaching clients, including this one;

“Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your coaching Program. Steve and I enjoyed every session and have taken so much information away. It has allowed us to look in-depth to our Business and get to know it intimately once again. One of the huge benefits of the program for me was understanding the involvement of our Staff and how important it is to have them aware and on the same path as we are with our vision of the Business.” Leah Cahill, Northside Smash Repairs.

This is one of many fine testimonials that have resulted from James’ practical, results orientated approach to business growth. The work that business coaching programs that James offers to Brisbane business include many useful elements, such as;

  • Development of a Business Growth Plan
  • Development of Lead Generations Strategies
  • Refining the Sales Process to boost conversion rate
  • Team development to improve focus, accountability and communication
  • Plus many more useful improvement strategies.

James offers Brisbane businesses a free coaching session to discover the possibilities of what they can turn their business into with the right help. People can read about this and James’ approach to business coaching on this page –

One of the unique business coaching services offered to Brisbane businesses is a group business accelerator program. This is where a small and focused group of business owners meet weekly over 3 months to learn practical and ‘doable’ business growth strategies from James. This is all done ion a highly supportive and motivating environment.

After browsing James’ site, people can understand why James is a popular Business Coach in Brisbane. He is a well-recognised business consultant in Brisbane.

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