Pasadena Worker Compensation Attorney Disability Benefits Services Launched

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( — April 29, 2019) — Pasadena, CA — Law Offices of Robert M. Harman & Associates launched an updated range of workers’ compensation legal services for clients in Pasadena, California. The certified specialists handle cases involving all types of workplace injuries and represent claims in a variety of industries where injures may occur.

Law Offices of Robert M. Harman & Associates, a workers’ compensation law practice based in Pasadena, California, announced the launch of an updated range of services for employees who are injured on the job or even off the job site. The law office has over 15 years of experience standing up for their clients and standing by them throughout the entire legal process, protecting their rights and their future.

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Construction sites are dangerous places. Construction workers are constantly around dangerous machinery and tools and thus are also prone to severe, often disabling injuries. During this stressful time, injured people need to the help of expert advocates who are able to interpret personal rights law to recuperate what has been lost.

Law Offices of Robert M. Harman & Associates can help workers and their family members claim all the workers’ compensation benefits they are legally entitled to. They ensure that clients are aware of all the rights and benefits they may be entitled to under the law, such as medical treatment for job related injuries or illnesses.

The attorneys offer straightforward legal representation for those who have been injured in workplace accidents throughout Pasadena. They are highly knowledgeable of workers’ compensation law and maintain a proven track record representing clients facing serious injuries.

Either for temporary or permanent disability cases, the team offer comprehensive representation for their clients, including advice on dealing with the steps to take after an injury at work, filing for workers’ compensation benefits, making sure they receive a fair settlement, appealing denied claims, retaliation for filing a workers’ compensation claim, and many more.

The workers’ compensation attorneys at Law Offices of Robert M. Harman & Associates will evaluate each claim and guide their clients through the claims and appeals processes. They will work closely with clients to get the maximum benefit in their case.

A satisfied client said: “I was looking for a workers’ compensation attorney to consult with regarding an injury that occurred at work. Without getting into details, a friend referred Mr. Harman to me. He was very informative and transparent throughout the process. He was very attentive and followed up with any changes. I was happy with the outcome. Thank you for your help!”

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