New Research Shows Enhancing Testosterone Helpful for Older Men

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( — May 9, 2019) Orlando, FL –Aging men often suffer from certain health issues, and this includes certain diseases. The good news is that, according to researchers, improving levels of testosterone can be beneficial in older men.

This research was published in The New England Journal of Medicine. In this research, scientists found treating low levels of testosterone can aid in improving sexual function and physical activity in older men.

Dr. Mark E. Molitch says that in recent years, talk about low testosterone and its treatments have become part of the public discussion. Dr. Molitch is the study co-author and a Northwestern Medicine endocrinologist, which was said in a press release.

According to experts, the total testosterone levels of men normally reduce as they age. In previous studies, men who received treatments for testosterone have achieved an increase in muscle mass.

The study above involved 790 men 65 years and older, and they were subjected to one or more testosterone trials — the Sexual Function Trial, the Physical Function Trial, or the Vitality Trial.

At the end of the study, it was found that increased serum testosterone levels to the mid-normal range for men 19 to 40 was linked with significantly increased sexual activity. Further, it also significantly enhanced sexual desire and erectile function.

Some natural remedies have been found beneficial in enhancing testosterone activity. One is Diindolylmethane (DIM), which is a widely-studied healing ingredient.

According to researchers, testosterone works differently depending on whether it is bound or free to carry proteins in the blood. It has been found DIM’s remarkable effects on estrogen metabolism offer support to testosterone. This is due to its ability to maintain free or active testosterone levels.

Experts say that free testosterone pertains to testosterone defraction circulating in the blood. Further, it is not linked with or bound by SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), which is its carrier protein.

Only free testosterone is able to cross easily into the muscles, brain, and fat cells. This means that more of testosterone’s desirable action has to do with the free portion.

It is worth mentioning that this only takes a tiny part of the overall testosterone equal to only to 2 percent of the total found in men and even less in women.

When there are high SHBG levels, free testosterone is locked up. This makes it unavailable to support mood or metabolism. Unmetabolized estrogen prompts the body to increase not just the production, but also testosterone-binding protein levels.

Health authorities warn that reduced levels of free testosterone have long been recognized during menopause. They also tend to be most dramatic in women suffering from severe premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms.

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