What the College Exam Scandal Taught Us About Parenting

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(Newswire.net — May 12, 2019) San Jose, CA — Featured speaker and author Lisa Duerre has teamed up with Parenting Strategist and #1 International Bestselling Author Madeleine Davis for a Mother’s Day launch of their upcoming book “The One Thing Every Mom Needs to Know”.

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, overparenting, a form of which is known as ‘vicarious parenting’, is a leading contributor to increased anxiety and stress in children and even young adults. While many moms mean well, as in the case of the college exam scandal, the suffocating motivators of status and success can often lead to disastrous consequences.

“The One Thing Every Mom Needs to Know” features dozens of experts sharing their insight on essential parenting topics, including Lisa Duerre’s chapter entitled “Moments That Matter”. Duerre explores five crucial steps to help moms champion and support their children in pursuit of their own dreams. With celebrity moms and world-renowned actresses facing significant consequences, even jail time, as a result of the college exam scandal, this love-inspired chapter is designed to transform the search for status into the support of newfound dreams.

“For the sake of your relationship, it’s super important for you to be clear about what you really want for your child and why. Who cares what others are doing? They have their own kids. You have your kids,” states Lisa Duerre. “I am on a mission is to help maxed-out mamas be present for the moments that matter at work and in life.”

This incredible book and Duerre’s chapter can help moms break free from Vicarious Parenting Syndrome so they can stop pressuring their children to live Mom’s dreams for them and finally be free to live their own dreams.

So, is this book for all Mom’s out there?

“Absolutely,” Duerre stated. “This book is full of tips, resources and doable actions for expecting Mama’s through emptynester Mama’s.”

The book ‘The One Thing Every Mom Needs To Know’ will be available on Amazon.com on Mother’s Day.


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