The Latest Strategies in Healing Your Sleep Challenges

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( — May 11, 2019) Winter Park, Fl — Ruth Stern, MA, Mental Health Therapist & Coach has partnered up with Parenting Strategist and #1 Best Selling Author Madeleine Davis to launch the new book, ‘The One Thing Every Mom Needs To Know’. Moms who pick up a copy will not only learn from dozens of experts sharing their knowledge on essential parenting topics but will also include a chapter from Ruth Stern, showing the 5 critical keys you need to heal your sleep or insomnia challenges . The book will launch free of charge to Moms for 5 days, starting from May 12th 2019

According to an article in Harvard Health Publishing (2019), studies have shown that even partial sleep deprivation has a significant effect on mood. When the subjects in the study, resumed normal sleep, they reported a dramatic improvement in mood. We know that lack of sleep can cause you to feel highly irritable or depressed, increase your stress, lose your zest for life and kill your sex drive, This chapter will cover, how to setup your environment for great sleep hygiene, how to stop your racing mind, how to use journaling to clear your mind, and how to use exercise and meditation to calm your stress and nervous system

“It is a great passion of mine to help people overcome insomnia, as I myself suffered for 19 years with insomnia. For years, I tried so many different supplements, psychotherapy, hypnosis and more. Nothing worked for me until I learned one technique called EFT (tapping) which changed everything. I finally found a formula that worked for myself and later began helping many other clients to overcome sleep problems. I work with many women to learn how to manage and heal stress, anxiety and obsessive worrying, I guide them to develop more internal peace and release from suffering. The gift they receive is not only getting back their sleep, but to also enjoy their life as a parent, partner and woman.”

Being conscious of what you are feeling throughout the day is the first step in healing anxiety and stress that feeds the insomnia. And then learning techniques to release intense emotions is the path to emotional freedom. And for some people, what gets in the way of inner peace and sleep are unresolved issues from the past that continue make them feel not enough, powerless etc. when you suspect you have some core issues, it is important that you seek help from a coach or counselor who help you move through this. You can also find more information to heal your sleep now at:, where you will learn strategies to sleep and get on the path to get your life back!

So, this book is for all the moms out there, who can learn many valuable resources to live their best life and learn that there are infinite solutions to every problem!

The book ‘The One Thing Every Mom Needs To Know’ will be available on on Mother’s Day.


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