Funnel360 Drag and Drop Video Site and Graphic Design Kit Launched

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( — May 6, 2019) — New York, NY — A new design tool has been launched by Simon Warner, called Funnel360, designed to streamline the website, video and graphic design process. It requires no experience and allows for cutting edge, stylish designs.

A cutting edge new design tool has been launched by Simon Warner, called Funnel360. It allows marketers, video designers, and business owners in any niche to create engaging and stylish designs, web pages, videos, and graphics with ease.

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The site explains that Funnel360 is a modern and easy to use drag and drop marketing tool that can be used by business owners in any niche. In just a few minutes, anyone can create eye-catching designs to advertise products, services, promotions and more.

One of the key benefits of the tool is that anyone can easily create highly converting marketing funnels, web page designs, videos and graphics. Starting with a library of over 100 templates, users can create their vision within minutes.

No tech skills are needed, meaning that the tool is ideal for beginners and experienced designers and marketers alike. Funnel360 takes the stress out of the design process by making it as streamlined as possible.

Using true artificial intelligence technology, users can design pages, videos and graphics in a way that is simple, elegant and stylish.

A key feature is the Ai-powered page importer, which allows users to “steal” any existing page through its URL, before editing it and publishing it as their own in minutes. This means that any time someone sees a design they like, they can replicate it without any coding knowledge.

The creators state: “This is a one stop shop solution for all entrepreneurs and business owners frustrated with the complicated, technical and expensive process of creating marketing pieces for their businesses. It is ideal for those who need an affordable one-dashboard solution for creating marketing funnels, web pages, sales videos and professional graphics.”

Using Funnel360, anyone can create lighting fast marketing materials with ease. Those wishing to find out more can visit the URL above, or check out: