U.S. Officials Warn UTI Medications Increasing Birth Defect Risk

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(Newswire.net — May 13, 2019) Orlando, FL — While antibiotics have been notoriously known to cause side effects, they are still widely prescribed by physicians. Even in expecting moms with urinary tract infections, doctors seem to be oblivious of the side effects of this medication.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals a new report that found may pregnant women still take antibiotics.

It is worth mentioning the use of these antibiotics has been associated with a small risk for birth defects in pregnant women. These medications are also prescribed during their first trimester.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are undeniably problematic for pregnant women and even their babies. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical drugs used in the treatment of UTIs are linked with birth defects.

According to Elizabeth Ailes, a health scientist at the CDC and lead author of the report, birth defects linked with these medications include brain, heart, and facial defects.

It has further been found that there is a 3 percent birth defect risk linked with all pregnancies. What is even more alarming is that around 8 percent of pregnant women suffer from UTIs.

While antibiotics are dangerous, pregnant women should also be aware that untreated UTIs can have severe consequences both for them and their baby. Untreated UTIs can result in low birth weight, premature birth, and the development of fatal, body-wide infections.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has recommended that these pharmaceutical drugs may be used in the first trimester of the pregnancy only when other medications are not considered an appropriate treatment.

It is always wise to explore what the safer options are for urinary tract infections. It is important to remember that in addition to the risk of birth defects, antibiotics are also known to kill the good bacteria inside the body.

The E.coli bacteria cause the infection and it is the target of antibiotics. The bad side is that this type of medication also ends up killing the beneficial bacteria. It is also worth mentioning that such a medication is notoriously known for the antibiotic resistance it causes.

There are safer alternatives like D-mannose, which is a sugar found in cranberry. It is important to remember that cranberry is widely used by the many who suffer from UTIs.

D-mannose sticks to the UTI-causing bacteria and prevent it from producing an infection. It can be obtained through the use of Divine Bounty D-mannose, which is a formula that gains more and more attention from consumers.

Pregnant women who are unready for the risks that antibiotics may cause should take into account the use of D-mannose. Divine Bounty D-mannose may be an excellent choice since it is highly potent and pure (www.amazon.com/D-Mannose-600mg-Cranberry-Dandelion-Extract/dp/B01LX5KGF0).

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