Nutrition Response Testing® Helps Young Girl with Lyme Disease

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( — May 6, 2019) Clearwater, Florida —

May is World Lyme Disease Awareness Month. According to the EPA, the incidence of Lyme disease in the United States is spreading fast. It is found in all areas of the country now and predictions are that one in 100 people will get the disease by 2020.

There have been several cases of misdiagnosed Lyme’s disease reported in the media recently. One young lady in Fresno was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease but unfortunately, it was too late and she passed away last year.

Tara, a Houston mom,  first noticed her daughter’s symptoms when Veronica was in Kindergarten.  By the time she was in First Grade the severe stomach pains and feeling tired and debilitated got worse and worse. The pains also went to her legs and walking eventually became very difficult.

Veronica’s teacher told Tara that she’d never seen anyone in such pain before. As any concerned mother would, Tara took her daughter to doctor after doctor– they traveled to Minnesota and New York and even flew in a doctor who had been recommended.  None of them could accurately establish the cause of Veronica’s distress. 

Then, by the Grace of God, Tara found Dr. Serge Gregoire, a Nutrition Scientist and Nutrition Response Testing practitioner in Friendwood, TX. Dr. Gregoire graduated from Harvard Medical School where he studied fats and their relationship to heart disease, weight, and other modern diseases.

After suffering a health challenge of his own – chronic migraine headaches, high blood pressure, and sleep problems, he too had consulted many doctors in an effort to find the cause of, and a solution to, his condition. It wasn’t until he came across Nutrition Response Testing that he found the answers he needed.  His symptoms all went away and he was able to come off all medications.  He was so impressed with the results that he immediately went for training in the technique so he could use it to help his patients.

Veronica came to Dr. Gregoire when she was nine years old.  By then she was in a wheelchair and couldn’t walk. Nutrition Response Testing revealed that the cause of the problem was Lyme Disease plus a co-infection. Veronica was put on a highly-personalized treatment plan of organic plant-based, whole food supplements.

It has taken two years for Veronica to get back to good health, but she is a happy healthy girl now.  She’s not only walking again, she’s running and ice skating!

“It is truly a blessing we came here and I thank God we found Nutrition Response Testing and Dr. Gregoire,” says Tara. “Veronica now leads a normal life.”

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About Ulan Nutritional Systems

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