Why Data Security is the Biggest Tech Trend of 2019

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(Newswire.net — May 7, 2019) — Smart investors who keyed into the power and spread of the internet within the past decade have created big companies worth billions of dollars today. Tech investors are making it huge by monitoring and staying ahead of trends in the digital world. One of such trends is cybersecurity and data protection.

With the increase in cyber threats and the all-important need to keep users’ data secure across all digital platforms, data security is set to become the biggest tech trend of the year. Here are the top reasons why this is so:

Data Is the New Liquid Gold

The digital world, as we know it today, is built on data. From mobile apps to online retail shops, and search engines, all these require big data and its analytics to thrive. Purchase habits, credit card details, consumer habits and location are all used to make predictions that keep the industries alive. Without these, online advertising will be trailing behind traditional advertising, and companies can’t reach out to their target audience effectively.

The Global Increase in Cyber Attacks

As big data grows in value, it makes sense that it will cause a certain form of “gold rush”. This is evident by the growing number of global cyber-attacks on digital companies. Over the years, multinational companies are getting hit by hackers who are out to mine data illegally.

According to research, cybercrime could wreck more companies, costing over $6 trillion globally by 2021. Most multinationals realize the actual cost of this and are ready to spend a reasonable sum on protecting users’ data. Venture capital firms likeC5 Capital, owned by Andre Pienaar, are leveraging this to provide proper opportunities for people working in cybersecurity.

The Internet of Things

Thanks to the digital revolution, there is a geometric rise in the use of internet-connected devices. These devices stay connected to one another and are able to keep track of the actions and moves of every user. While this arguably makes life easier for humanity, it makes us more vulnerable to attacks. Hackers only need to tap into a single device, and they are connected to a lot of devices through which they can deliver attacks capable of wrecking lives and businesses.

The Bottom line

The need for data protection and cybersecurity is likely to expand geometrically in the next few years. Protection and cybersecurity is likely to expand geometrically in the next few years, especially for newly employed data protection officers. The reason is very obvious – no business wants to get hit by hackers, and everyone will like to avoid or minimize the threats. An insurance policy will not stop the attacks from happening or protect their systems.

While many of the basic ways to avoid attacks, such as changing passwords regularly, updating system software and sensitizing workers on how to detect phishing emails are relatively cheap; a robust cybersecurity system can offer much more protection.

Investing in cybersecurity means hiring a security expert to manage systems and advise on security improvements. It also means capitalizing on the need for better data security to pump money into the industry and make the most out of the situation. Either way, data security is surely top of 2019 tech trends worth investing in.