Curcumin Mimics the Healing Activity Of Anti-Arthritis Drugs

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( — May 17, 2019) Las Vegas, NV — The phytochemical in turmeric called curcumin has been found to be useful for a range of medicinal purposes. Individuals who suffer from arthritis may take into account the use of this amazingly therapeutic agent.

Curcumin mimics the healing activity of anti-arthritis drugs. It is worth mentioning that inflammation is the primary symptom of arthritis. There are many types of arthritis, and the most common are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

According to some experts, joint wear and tear ignites the inflammatory cascade, which results in the production of pro-inflammatory agents. This then leads to swelling, stiffness, and pain.

When inflammation spread to the fluid that lubricates the joint, it leads to a condition known as synovitis, which then results in joint stiffness. Turmeric, through the curcumin it contains, has been found to contain natural, strong anti-inflammatory agents.

In addition to its anti-inflammatory agents, curcumin also has antibacterial, anticarcinogenic, antiviral, renoprotective, anticoagulant, antiseptic, antioxidant, androgenic, antifibrotic, genoprotective, and antifungal properties.

It is further worth mentioning that it has antibiotic, antimicrobial, anti-purulent, antitumor, immunomodulating, anticatabolic, and insulin-sensitizing agents.

According to researchers, curcumin could uniquely inhibit the action of COX and LOX, which are pro-inflammatory enzymes. What makes it more interesting is that it inhibits both while pain medications only inhibit COX. What is even more beneficial is that it doesn’t cause gastric erosion, which is a common side effect of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

In an animal study, it was found that turmeric extract could inhibit joint inflammation and degradation. It successfully does so by preventing Nuclear factor kappaB activation. It is worth mentioning that Nuclear factor kappaB is a main protein involved in inflammation.

In a review study, it was found that curcuminoids could reduce C reactive protein, which is a vital inflammation marker. In a recent study, it was found that curcumin has inhibited inflammation in the synovial fluid, which work by lubricating the joint.

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