Experts Say Faster Pig Slaughtering Exacerbates Food Safety Problem

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( — May 17, 2019) Orlando, FL — Today, there is a myriad of foods available in the market and many of them are made of meat. This only shows how busy slaughter houses are, but it appears that pig processing plants can’t get enough.

Campaigners warn that speeding up slaughtering times of pigs can result in unsafe meat, in terms of them getting into the human food chain.

In a new analysis, it has been found that there were higher levels of errors committed in plants. These plants are the ones that are experimenting with faster lines. In the U.S. chicken sector, the plan in speeding up slaughter times is being proposed.

Food and Water Watch analyzed the food safety and hygiene violation records from 2012 to 2016. Five pork processing plants joined in the trial of the proposed system. The results were also compared to five other plants that operated in a traditional way.

It was found that some 84 percent of all violations related to compliance with food safety plans happened in plants taking place in the trial.

The analysis showed that there were 73 percent of carcass contamination breaches and 61 percent of violations linked with equipment sanitation.

According to senior lobbyist Tony Corbo, we believe that this new system will increase the risk of unsafe products being placed into commerce.

Experts warn against the health hazards in making changes in the slaughtering time of pigs. It is important to remember that meat is being widely studied for their benefits and disadvantages in human health.

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