New Study Finds Cycling Not Harmful to Sexual and Urinary Health

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( — May 20, 2019) Orlando, FL — Cycling is generally perceived to be a healthy activity, but it is also rumored to be detrimental to sexual and urinary health. The good news is that a study appears to shed light on its effects on the body.

A largest study was conducted by the Department of Urology, University of California-San Francisco.

In this research, scientists found that there is no negative impact of cycling for long hours on urinary and sexual health in men. This is absolutely contrary to popular belief. This multinational study was published in the Journal of Urology.

It actually involved subjects from several nations, and the scientists looked into athletes like runners, cyclists, and swimmers. The effects of these sports in men in terms of urinary and sexual function were studied.

In some previous studies, it has been suggested that prolonged hours of cycling can cause erectile dysfunction. It has been speculated that this is caused by continued pressure over the perineum in men. Benjamin Breyer, lead investigator, said that this is the largest comparative study to date. They utilized validated questionnaires in testing for sexual and urinary functions in men engaged in cycling for long hours. This study actually involved 2,774 cyclists, 539 swimmers, and 789 runners.

Findings suggest that cyclists did not suffer from more urinary and sexual health issues compared to runners or swimmers. They have however been found to be more susceptible to urethral strictures.

More studies are still underway to explore more of how certain sports affect the body. Experts have long recommended to resort to the necessary measures just to take better care of urinary health.

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There are antibiotics often used in fighting these infections. Antibiotics work by killing the E.coli bacteria that produce infection. However, antibiotics also end up killing bacteria that are beneficial for the body.What makes the use of this type of medication is its ability to cause antibiotic resistance, which is considered to be a growing global health issue.

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