Experts Reveal What Exactly Makes Adult Coloring Books so Special

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( — May 20, 2019) Wilmington, DELAWARE — Today, more and more adults are considering some creative ways to deal with anxiety and stress and to relax, and this includes the use of adult coloring books.

In the past decades, researchers have been investigating on the potentially effective ways to distract people from the daily pressures of life. There are sporting activities and fitness routines found to be useful, but it is important to note that art or the creative process has also been identified to be beneficial.

In some studies, it has been found that adult coloring books aid in achieving mindfulness, reducing stress and anxiety, promoting a meditative state, and warding off some negative thoughts and emotions.

According to Susan Gordon, Licensed Master’s Social Worker and manager of Piedmont Sixty Plus, coloring books can be a complement to art therapy.

Many people claim that coloring is actually a form of meditation. It is worth realizing that during meditation, the brain effortlessly enters a relaxed state. It does so by focusing on the present and blocking out the nonstop thinking we all experience.

This actually leads in a state of calm that offers relief to the brain from stresses of daily life.

As a result, you reach a state of calm that relieves your brain from the daily stresses of life. Don’t take our word for it. Here are some helpful views presented by experts.

A study has even revealed that coloring mandalas or geometric patterns aids in decreasing anxiety and stress.

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