Is Clique Making the CPaaS Market Even Bigger?

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( — May 13, 2019) — Andy Powers moved the team to Los Angeles late last year in an effort to recruit better software talent and be closer to creatives. The 44-year-old entrepreneur decided that the 200-person team needed a better-defined home base and more access to talent. The company was built on traditional telecommunications expertise from the likes of the mid-Atlantic regions own Sprint and MCI but the business had evolved into more of a Software company and it was beginning to appear obvious that the business was changing and he’d better be able to change with it.

Powers explains “We’d just finished shooting Game Jam The Movie” (Clique’s first of many to come documentary’s about Clique Labs the teams testing of new markets.) “And I realized that this a great way to efficiently validate new markets for us. The creative talent to be able to do this is in Los Angeles so we packed up and moved out. Its been a fun journey. We’ve found the talent to be exceptional and the reception of Labs has been very positive.” The company has closed deals with Oppenheimer and many others in the past few months. Additionally, they’ve launched a number of new products and initiatives from the Labs team focused on building amazing experiences and solving real problems in areas like HealthCare and Gaming which includes mobile games, desktop gaming and wagering as well. With this expanded view it’s quite possible Clique is making the market even larger than has recently been suggested with Clique-Labs leading the way as a testing engine for new applications. “Labs was originally built as loss leader and we hoped to make money back from the services the group introduced to new clients. Our tech partners loved it because it showcased them as our differentiator. All of those things have remained true and it just happens to make money, which is nice.” said Powers.

The company hasn’t publicly disclosed its revenues since settling a lawsuit with the State of VA/ State Corporation Commission division of securities and franchise in 2018 but sources say the company is currently valued at over $600M by terms set from one of the largest tech private equity investors in the US.

As far as the future is concerned Powers stated  “We just want to run a profitable business and take advantage of this incredible opportunity and see what sort of opportunities present themselves.”