Osteoporosis Rates Continue To Soar Globally, Statistics Warn

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(Newswire.net — May 24, 2019) Orlando, FL — Bone health conditions like osteoporosis continue to affect millions of people from around the world. Doctors have been recommending some tricks to protect and enhance bone health.

Worldwide, this condition has been found to produce over 8.9 million fractures every year. This means for every 3 seconds passed, an osteoporotic fracture occurs.

There is an estimated global prevalence of osteoporosis in 200 million women, and this is roughly one-tenth of women aged 60.

In the USA, Europe, and Japan, this condition happens to an estimated 75 million individuals.

Researchers have been carrying out studies to learn about the most effective ways to reduce the risk of this bone health issue. It is strongly recommended to avoid factors that weaken the bone and could potentially trigger bone health issues.

One is smoking cigarettes, which many health experts strongly warn against.

The National Institutes of Health Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center reveals that people who use tobacco have lower levels of bone density.

It is also important to avoid being sedentary, and this means engaging in physical activities on a regular basis.

According to Laila S. Tabatabai, MD,sedentary patients are at risk for more rapid bone loss.

Tabatabai is an assistant professor of clinical medicine at Houston Methodist and the Weill Cornell Medical College.

Nutrients like vitamin K2 have been scientifically found to potentially work wonders in fighting osteoporosis.

According to researchers, a protein called osteocalcin is used within the bone as an integral part of the bone-forming process. It is worth noting that osteocalcin needs to be carboxylated before it works effectively.

The good news is that vitamin K2 functions as a cofactor for a certain enzyme, which catalyzes osteocalcin carboxylation.

Having insufficient amounts of vitamin K2 could increase the risk of both brittle bones as well as calcification of soft tissues. This also means that this nutrient is essential in keeping the bones strong.

Japanese trials revealed that the use of vitamin K2 absolutely reversed bone loss. In some cases of osteoporosis, it waseven found to increase bone mass.

Some other Japanese trials reveal that vitamin K2 supplementation reduced vertebral fractures by 60 percent. It even led to a decrease in hip and other nonvertebral fractures by 80 percent.

There are many other studies showing how therapeutic vitamin K2 is in protecting the bones. It has been found to exert different mechanisms to fight bone-related diseases.

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