Escape Room Dress Code – Keep These Tips in Mind

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( — May 17, 2019) — Escape rooms offer great adventure so you’ll want to go with something that’s comfortable to wear. This is because many escape rooms require you to climb, squeeze through mild obstacles, and reach to find your escape clues. Also, you’re likely going to spend the majority of the time in an escape room standing and walking around, so you can’t afford to ignore comfort. Here are a few tips on the escape room dress code.

Escape Room Dress Code

Comfy, close-toed shoes. Aim for a pair of shoes with sturdy soles so you can stay comfy as you move through each room. you may want to consider sneakers as they work well for escape room adventures.

Non-restricting pants or shorts. Go for a pair of shorts or pants that are great for activity. Steer clear of anything either constricting or too tight. You also want to avoid anything too large or baggy. A comfy pair of jeans or athletic shorts should do the trick.

A breathable sweater or t-shirt. The chances are your escape room will have an AC, but it’s still important to wear something loose and breathable as you will be moving around for about an hour. A long-sleeve tee, light sweater or loose-fitting t-shirt that breathes are all great options.

What Not to Wear to an Escape Room

Wearing constricting or uncomfortable clothes that don’t allow for easy movement will hinder you from enjoying yourself fully, so you should avoid them for many reasons. Here are a few pointers on what to avoid:

Overly tight clothing or short dresses. These clothes will hinder your movement so you won’t be able to climb up steps, duck into corners or crawl through tunnels. Tight clothing can actually keep you from enjoying your adventure.

Heeled and open-toed shoes. High heels and sandals will simply not work in an escape room. You won’t necessarily have to run but you’ll be walking consistently. As such, wear shoes that will allow you to walk through each room without getting your toes stepped on.

Jewelry and accessories. Simple items of jewelry that will stay firmly on should not be a problem, but you need to avoid anything that risks falling off. If anyone on your team has long hair, advise them to put it up in a ponytail to reduce the chances that it will get caught on anything.

Choosing the Right Outfit

If you’re an active person or athlete with a closet full of thin windbreakers, running shorts and compression pants, then your clothing is ideal for an escape room.

If your closet comprises mainly of professional clothing, look for something you might wear if you’re cleaning the house. The idea is to avoid something that’s too athletic in exchange for something you’ll have an easy time moving around in. For instance, a thin long sleeve and a pair of stretch pants or some khaki shorts and a breathable shirt will work fine.

Knowing the escape room dress code before taking the challenge is crucial because it will help shape the entire experience. When you and your team are equipped with the right clothes, then everyone is comfy and able to focus on the adventures of escaping.