Durham Wine Bar Hand-Cut Italian Meat Restaurant Launched

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(Newswire.net — May 21, 2019) — Durham, NC — A new Italian farm to table wine bar and restaurant has been launched in Durham, NC. It offers specialty hand cut and dry aged meats from local farmers and a high quality wine range.

CONVIVIO Wine Bar has been launched in Durham, NC offering residents a modern farm to table eatery with an in-house butcher sourcing from North Carolina farms. The focus of the bar and restaurant will be on offering diners a true Italian dining experience.

More information can be found at: http://Convivio.wine

One of the things that makes the wine bar unique is that it has one of the best wine selections in Durham and Raleigh, NC. Each of the wines available has been hand selected by the in house sommelier, Giuseppe Cagnoni.

This helps to ensure that diners and customers can enjoy high quality drinks. Local residents can visit the wine bar and restaurant for a truly enjoyable and luxury experience.

The idea of farm to table has been increasing in popularity in recent years, with more and more restaurants sourcing their ingredients from local farms. While most other restaurants get their produce from distributors all around the country or even the world, farm to table establishments offer a more fresh, organic experience.

Food that gets shipped across the country need to be altered or frozen to ensure it arrives unspoiled. This leads to food that loses some of its flavor, texture, or nutrition.

By getting food from local farms, CONVIVIO can provide diners with food that is bursting with delicious flavor and freshness.

There are a number of benefits to this movement both for the restaurant itself and the local farmers. Money spent at CONVIVIO will be going directly to helping local farmers grow their business, which in turn helps the local economy.

It also helps to make more organic food available to the local community, and promotes awareness of healthy eating and the local farmers themselves. Another crucial benefit is that it’s better for the environment.

Diners can experience great local food in a casual but homey atmosphere, just walking distance from the Durham Performing Arts Center and the Durham Bulls ballpark.

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