Google Increasing Support for Better Image Search Capabilities

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( — May 19, 2019) — Many website owners overlook Google’s image search capabilities, yet it can generate a lot of traffic. Premium SEO Auckland experts recommend adding SEO elements to all of your website images. Now Google is increasing the technology that supports its image search. Google announced recently that it “will be launching higher quality image support, 3D images and the ability to swipe up images from AMP pages” according to Search Engine Land.

High-Resolution Images

Google is working on a program to submit high-resolution images to search which websites will opt-in to. Google’s Webmaster Blog will announce this in the near future. The markup to submit images to this high-res search hasn’t been finalized yet. You can also submit 3D images for Google search soon. Google’s search for 3D images is now in beta which you can only join if you’ve been invited. But this will open to the public soon.

Swipe Up

Another feature coming to Google mobile search is a swipe up to navigate. You will be able to search for images on your mobile device using Google image search, then swipe up to take you to the AMP article that picture came from. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page, a new technology that allows web pages to load faster. Since mobile devices are often reliant on uneven internet connections, AMP articles load faster to compensate. Speed is one of the categories that is most important to users on desktop and mobile devices. Google takes page load speed very seriously and search results are prioritized with page load speed as a factor.

What this Means for Webmasters

SEO Auckland recommends that customers pay attention to their images on their websites. Check to make sure that your images all have title, alt, and description filled in. Continue to stay updated as to the progress of the new image coding and technology to ensure that you are getting the best traffic you can for your website. Once the new technology is live, your SEO professional can help you add the proper coding so that your site comes up in image search results. Google currently uses the title, alt and description to determine what the image is about for search results. If you don’t fill in that information, Google won’t be able to determine how to categorize your images.