Electronic Signature Technology | How Does It Work?

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(Newswire.net — May 22, 2019) — Whether you are a small business owner, running a real estate or insurance company; an electronic signature solution can simplify a wide range of processes across all departments.

And it won’t just benefit the seller. Clients and customers can also skip printing, scanning, faxing, and sending back paper-based documents. They will notice and appreciate the quick and secure contract-signing process.

Electronic Signatures Are Legally Binding

Electronic signature has the same legal standing as a pen-and-paper signature in the United States, EU, and many other countries around the world.

Legislation like the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN Act) entrenched the validity and criteria for electronic documentation and signatures. Similarly, eSignatures are legally-binding for almost every transaction in the EU (via eIDAS), Switzerland (via ZertES) and many other countries where electronic signatures are recognized.



How Does an Electronic Signature Work?

Each eSignature is unique to an individual signer, just like handwritten signatures. Here’s how to create electronic signature with DigiSigner for free:

  1. Sign up to upload your document or use one of the sample documents;

  2. Click on the ‘SIGN’ button. Now you can type, draw, upload your signature or take a photo of it using web camera;

  3. When you finish, click on the ‘DONE’ button and your signed document will be automatically saved on the server;

  4. Click on the ‘SEND DOCUMENT’ button. The other party will receive an email with the link to your document;

  5. After the signer fills out the form and saves it, both of you will receive a copy of the completed document in your inboxes.



Benefits of Using Electronic Signatures

A few decades ago, it used to be that to approve a document, you needed to move from point A to B, or send the papers to get a signature, and then wait for a couple of days to receive them signed. And if you needed it to be saved electronically, you’d have to scan it.


There are many reasons why electronic signature software is essential to any organization’s digital transformation initiatives, and here are the top ones:

Boost Sales

Electronic signature solution enables higher conversion rate for the same deal, as it’s much easier to electronically sign a document than physically signing it. Your sales force can focus more on its customers instead of spending hours for filing contracts, or searching for lost documents.

Increase Productivity

The normal process involving signatures require printing the document, signing it, scanning and faxing it, and then waiting for the other party to repeat the same procedure and send it back — where it’s printed a third time, and finally filed away. Electronic signature software can simplify operations; it can significantly shorten this process, and therefore, improve productivity. 

Embrace the Future

In today’s modern world, the need for digital transformation is mandatory for organizations who don’t want to risk being left behind. Fax and copier machines are not the synonym of the future and companies who understand that adopt the current digital technologies as a vital part of moving the organization forward.