How to Find Best Care for Loved One with Dementia or Alzheimer’s

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( — May 26, 2019) — Taking care of Alzheimer’s or any other dementia patient is not an easy task. Based on the severity of their condition, they may need assistance with their daily chores. On top of that, handling their changing moods can also become a challenge over time due to the lack of amount of time to be devoted to their care. As a result, you may feel compelled to move them to local dementia care homes for their well-being and everyone else’s safety in the family. Don’t feel guilty about this step as you could be doing the best thing for your loved one. You will also be able to have peace of mind knowing that he or she is having proper care and is safe too.

For that, you, however, need to find out the best place. Here are a few points that can prove useful for you in this process.

Tips for getting the best dementia care facility for seniors

Residential care options

Retirement communities, assisted living homes, group homes, and nursing homes are some of the leading residential care facilities for older people. Retirement communities include homes, apartments, and rooms for individuals who have Alzheimer’s. Patients can live here while receiving care. These places are suitable for both who can take care of themselves and who depend on other’s assistance 24X7.

As the name suggests, assisted living units are meant for people who cannot perform their daily tasks independently. Some facilities provide care for Alzheimer’s patients also. These facilities charge a price for room or apartment and also for the special care services if availed.

Another option is group homes where many patients and a few staff live. At all times, there will be one caregiver available. These facilities charge you money for the services they provide to the patient. Although these facilities may not be strictly regulated, you can expect them to be good with their care services.

Besides, you have an option of sending your dear one to a nursing home, which also has a special care unit for Alzheimer’s patients. Generally, these units are located on a different section of the building with trained staff. The nursing homes can charge a fee for providing nursing home care.

So, decide which option is most suitable for your needs and where your family member can feel more safe and comfortable.

Gather information

Talk to your friends and relatives about a reference and also search online for a suitable facility. Tour all of them to find out how these operate, what they do to take care of patients, whether their staff is well-trained or not, what kind of activities they plan for patients, and also do doctors and specialists visit those places regularly. Learning about patient’s safety and security system is another imperative. For all this, you would need to interact with the staff and obtain information.

While examining your options, try to see if you can get a pet friendly senior living unit for your older person. Dogs, cats, and other pets are found to create a positive impact on the health of their elderly owners by controlling their blood pressure levels and keeping them occupied with pet care.

As soon as you move the person to a new home, keep a track on him or her. Look for signs that tell you that the person needs better care or proper medication.