Family Photography on Vacation

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( — May 28, 2019) — Traveling together as a family is a time of bonding and special memories. Perhaps your family has an annual Christmas vacation, or every year you go on a road trip during the summer. Traveling can become a significant tradition, or maybe you’re planning your very first trip together and you want to make it a good experience.

There are a lot of dynamics when traveling as a family; with different ages, interests, and personalities, finding something for everyone to enjoy together can become a bit difficult. In the midst of the logistics and planning, a family vacation is also the opportunity to make memories that last a lifetime.

A vacation is also an excellent opportunity to do a family photo shoot. Why do staged and posed photographs in a studio when you have the chance to have a more meaningful experience on a vacation? With a photographer from Localgrapher, you’ll have the added advantage of having a local who knows the ins-and-outs of the city you’re visiting. Here are some of the best places you can hire a photographer for a special family vacation.

New York City

Stylish and modern, New York City is a great place to travel as a family at any time of year. In the summer you can enjoy walking around Central Park or if you visit in the winter you can go ice skating. No matter when you visit New York City, make sure you hit some of the top attractions like the Empire State Building and some of the various museums. If you happen to be traveling for New Year’s, then you’ll be treated to a real celebration in Times Square to bring on the new year.


Known for its romantic atmosphere, Paris is also a good family destination. If you have art lovers in the family, visiting museums such as the Louvre and the Musee d’Orsay is necessary. Everyone can enjoy a river cruise on the Seine to see the sights of Paris from a different perspective. Professional photographers in Paris can also give you recommendations as a family about where the best places in the city are to do an iconic photo shoot.

Los Angeles

With top attractions such as Hollywood, Disneyland, and Universal Studios, families will love the variety of activities that are available, especially if you have young children to keep occupied. You could spend days touring all the sites of Los Angeles, and maybe get lucky and spot a celebrity or two.

Cape Town

One of the biggest tourist cities in South Africa, Cape Town has a great combination of history, culture, contemporary style, and natural wonders. If you’re traveling with a family of varied interests, everyone is bound to find something to enjoy in Cape Town. To see the scenery of the coast, you can take the Chapman’s Peak Drive or explore the waterfront for some great local restaurants and shops.

Having the opportunity to travel together as a family is an important and special event. To make sure everyone is included in the vacation photographs, having a personal photographer is helpful. In addition to making sure the best parts of your trip are caught on camera, a local photographer can also give you tips about the best places to visit for you to fully enjoy your trip together as a family.