Most Common Types of Plastic Surgery – What’s Trending?

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( — May 28, 2019) — What are the most common types of plastic surgery? People who have insecurity issues with their appearances normally opt to have cosmetic surgery done to achieve their desired goals in terms of how they appear and look. A lot of celebrities prefer going through these procedures in the bid for acquiring desirable traits on various parts of the body. Cosmetic surgery is also becoming familiar with accident victims who are choosing this procedure to help them improve the functionality of body parts and to reduce the appearance of scarring.

Most Common Types of Plastic Surgery

The most common types of plastic surgery include breast augmentation, facelift, hair restoration, dermabrasion, rhinoplasty and more.

Breast Augmentation

This cosmetic procedure is mostly done by women who aim at rectify a condition with their breasts or would want a more desirable look. Currently, women are becoming cautious with their breast sizes and the need to have a more profound cleavage. Though breast augmentation is totally different from breast implant surgery and other procedures such as breast lifts and reduction. It mainly involves the procedure of increasing or changing the shape of the breasts. Be sure to also following the correct recovery tips to reduce the risk of any infections or discrepancies after your surgery.


This procedure aims at correcting issues such as sagging, droopy and wrinkled face in order to achieve a more symmetrical face. When the patient’s issue is known as a procedure to take off the excess skin is done or the facial tissue is lifted. Facelifts normally go hand in hand with neck lifts in the pursuit of gaining a more desirable result.

Hair Restoration

This procedure is also known as hair transplantation it involves restoring hair in instances where a patient has a bald head or had burns in areas where the growth of hair is prominent. The hair is removed from areas where the growth is more pronounce and transplanted in the affected areas. This procedure has a high success rate though there some people who would require more than one session to totally fix the issue.


This is another procedure which involves the scraping off of the top layer of the skin and giving it a chance to grow once again for a more smoother and desirable result. This procedure can be done by people who have issues such as acne, sun damaged skin, wrinkles and age spots.


This is another common cosmetic plastic surgery that aims at giving a patient a desirable nose appearance and also improve on its functionality. There are people who develop breathing difficulties and most of them the only way to solve the issue is by having a rhinoplasty. There other reasons why people choose to have rhinoplasty but mostly it is for cosmetic reasons.


This cosmetic surgery aims at removing any excess fat deposits in some parts of the body in the bid to have a more improved shape and appearance. People should not mix this up with losing weight but simply the removal of fat which lays in areas a patient isn’t comfortable with. Some of the places where liposuction could be done are the thighs, lower abdomen, hips, back, arms and the buttocks. This procedure can also be used to solve gynecomastia in a lot of men.

Bottom Line

There are more cosmetic procedures out there depending on the patient’s needs. Be careful when choosing the facility and surgeon that you go with, since a surgery can end up with botched results if you don’t choose to go with the best. There are a lot of surgeons out there who purport to know how to conduct such procedures, but later, things move from better to worse. There no spare parts and you could lose or disfigure some of your body parts by choosing a reckless and cheap surgeon. Be cautious and conduct thorough research on the background of the surgeon who agrees to take your case.