The Use of the Private Investigator by the Employer in the Workplace

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( — May 30, 2019) — The advantages of the private investigator for a company are much more than you might think. In the workplace, situations that lead to deception usually occur and have serious repercussions for a company or entity. The hiring of a Private Investigator Manchester not only puts an end to any doubt but represents the best possible solution. Research in the workplace is very diverse: from inquiring about the veracity of skills or attitudes highlighted in a Curriculum to checking the fraud of a temporary disability, all these can be perfectly handled by a  private investigator.

More than 20% of work absences are faked

The worker, at the time of hiring and entering the business entity, is committed to express, tacit and implicit conduct within their work: punctuality, responsibility, professionalism, delivery in their work or management. Moving further, the stress encountered at work, the long trips that sometimes involve going to the workplace, and the precarious contract in emoluments or in temporary usually encourage some employees to choose to fake some kind of physical or mental ailment. Some go as far as asking a doctor to provide false medical reports with the aim of gaining temporary absence from work or more stressful areas of their job functions. These reports, when presented before the employer by the employee do not originate from a real fact but are often the product of the inventiveness or deceit of said employee. As a result, hiring a private Investigator will show if the details of that report has a real foundation or elements of falsehood.

Private detective services for companies and insurers are the best guarantor of peace for existing labor disputes. In the field of research, it has been observed that multiple investigations in the workplace are the most common or usual, due to the biases that arise in this sector and the problems of coexisting currently rampant in our society.

Also, the feigned leave of absence is the reason why a Company or Entity may decide to hire the private investigator for Surveillance and Follow-up Services, corroborating, in short, the facts that are manifested, under the treatable observance. In the case of fraud , the private investigator can give credit and conviction before possible litigation. Today, workplace falsehood tends to constitute a serious problem for the Companies since, in some cases, they can significantly reduce their production, and create real internal conflict. Among the most common diseases that cause sick leave, are psychological illnesses, depression, stress, anxiety, traffic accidents, whether they occur inside or outside working hours. From research, it has been observed that not all these claims as to illnesses tend to be true. This harmful practice of simulating work abstractions through falsehood must be fought forcefully in a company.

Moreover, this trend has been growing up to 40% in recent years. It is even one of the elements causing absenteeism, which is another cause for concern of the companies and institutions. The absence of employees tends to minimize the probability of success in productivity. In fact, research has found that absenteeism means a loss of more than 76,000 million euros for companies yearly. In the same way, unfair competition and professional intrusiveness are other common cases that bring the Companies head-first. Therefore,  Private Investigators perform Research and Follow-up services to elucidate the true existing reality.

In all, the private investigator  comes with more benefits for employers, business owners, and families. Today, it is very important to verify the identity and background of candidates who are to be employed to cover especially sensitive jobs or professional performances. This is the case of the incorporation of new partners to a company, that of the hiring of domestic employees, and that of contracting nannies to take care of the little kids at home. A private investigator is a professional specialized in discovering the potential risks that arise in this type of hiring or incorporation. Your work could be associated with professional expertise with added value. Without going any further, a private investigator can contribute with exclusive surveillance, tracking information, or interviewing people who help provide relevant data so that the client has the best options to decide.