5 Popular Social Media Networks

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By Barbara Brown

(Newswire.net — June 3, 2019) Salt lake City, UT — Over the past years, the influence of Social Media has greatly grown over many people. Social media can in simple terms be defined as electronic communication through different websites and applications. Through social media, social networking can be done on which virtual communities can be created and information and ideas can be shared such as photos, videos, personal message to friends and family. Moreover, it has proven to be an excellent solution to keep in contact with friends and family that are further away and cannot be reached as easily.

As a result, the 5 most popular Social Media Networks that are more commonly used and help in achieving social networking on a daily basis by individuals are as follows:

#1: WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and commonly used messaging apps which enables its users to instantly share pictures, videos, audios, voice notes, documents and much more with one particular individual or to a group of people. One can also share their live location with a friend or family member! Its users also thoroughly enjoy the free call and video feature along with a new feature that has recently been introduced which is that you can make a group call if you have some juicy news to tell all of your friends at the same time!

#2: Instagram 

Instagram was introduced as a platform of which individuals could share their pictures and videos. This application gained instant popularity among Instagram Followers since it enables it, users, to capture pictures of their life and then convert them into a work of art as the users can edit those pictures which various editing tools provided by Instagram. Moreover, recently new features have come into existence on which the users can take videos in slow-motion, fast-forward, rewind, superzoom and create boomerangs which they can post onto their stories. Instagram enables its users to keep up with the daily lives of their close ones especially when meeting them is not possible or they live in another corner of the world!

#3: Snapchat 

Snapchat gained its popularity because of the unique concept it introduced which intrigued people and caught their attention instantly. Snapchat lets its users share pictures or videos to their close ones but the catch is that those pictures of videos will disappear in a matter of a few seconds! If pictures or videos are posted on stories they too will disappear after 24 hours. Snapchat came up with this brilliant concept which was then later on followed by Instagram, Facebook, and various other applications

#4: Facebook

Facebook is one of the applications which has long been in use and has not died down over the years but remained as one of the most widely used social media networks. On Facebook, you can interact with users from the entire world and connect with them by sharing posts and liking and commenting on them. Moreover, Facebook has been very beneficial for businesses as they can use Facebook as a platform of an online market and promote or advertise their products or services using ads on Facebook. To add to that, Facebook also acts as a messaging application on which users can communicate on ‘Messenger’ which is also a part of a Facebook application.

#5: Twitter 

Twitter also introduced a unique concept in which users can share their thoughts and convey their message through tweets remaining in the boundary limit of using 140 characteristics only per tweet. The followers of the user can either like, reply or re-tweet the tweet!

There are numerous other social media networking applications or websites, each having their own unique base root concept and users get attracted to those which better suit their taste. So which of the above mentioned social networking applications better suits your taste?