Two of the Most Amazing Home Transformations

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( — June 4, 2019) — There continues to be a huge interest amongst people renovating properties around the world and there has been some stunning results. This has seen outdated homes completely rebuilt, which results in a favourable outcome. Here we cover two examples from around the world in the last few years.

 Houses by ​Architekturbüro Stefan Schäfer


This home was originally built back in the 1960s, which has now seen this become rather outdated. This was a family home but clearly needed a rebuild to modernise the property. They used an architect which promised for this to be a cost-effective rework and the results were incredible.

The design of the property made it look like a completely new family home, with key alterations coming through changes to the windows and a Truedor door being added. This composite door added a modern look to the property. The rebuild meant the property had much more living space and even a private swimming pool was added to the property. They also added a number of sustainable lifestyle perks to the property, such as a pellet heating system, as well as a heating-assist solar thermal energy system being installed.


  by syntax architektur
by syntax architektur


This next property was mastered by architects based in Austria. It was a very outdated property but with clear potential with a large rear garden view. The property was also fairly large, so had many positives for someone looking to renovate this into a nice family home. The results following the work were incredible, with the home looking completely unrecognisable following the alterations.

It was transformed into a modern cubic like structure, with a vast amount of changes such as the old roof being demolished and changed to a flat roof. The living area was also greatly enlarged following alterations, such as connecting it with the former service room. A terrace was added to the south facing garden, which resulted in a stunning area for the family to relax outdoors in a beautiful setting. Another incredible addition to the home was the dark blue surfaced containing a mix of different glass. This meant it creating a sparkling effect at night. This property is without a doubt one of the most incredible transformations of recent times.