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( — June 4, 2019) — There are plenty of reasons sports teams need to raise money. Whether you’re raising money to pay for equipment, uniforms, travel expenses, coaching or registration costs, sports fundraising is critical. Most football, soccer, basketball or cheerleading organizations require players to participate in some form of sports fundraising, but the toughest bit is organizing a great fundraiser. Here are some good fundraising ideas for sports teams you should consider.

Good Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

A few good fundraising ideas for sports teams include creating custom team shirts, hosting a community potluck and more.

Custom Team Shirts

Everyone loves a well-designed custom t-shirt. As such, designing t-shirts and apparel for your team can be a great way to raise some funds. Partner with a reputable t-shirt printing platform that offers flexible options for designing, printing and distributing your custom tees to your fans and supporters. You can place direct orders for your t-shirts and sell them at your games or set up an online platform where fans can order their t-shirts and make donations.

Community Potluck

Potlucks are a classic fundraising idea that works well for sports teams. Find a great location for your gathering, such as a local park or team field then start organizing and planning. Be sure to start early as potlucks need proper planning. Invite teammates and other attendees from the community to bring some of their best dishes and promote the event. You can incorporate cook-off elements and ask for a fee, for example. Spice things up with themes, contents and games.

Food Truck Partnership

This is s a simple yet effective sports team fundraising idea. All you need is to approach a local food truck and agree on a percentage for a fundraising partnership. Food trucks are growing increasingly popular, serving customers at farmers markets, street fairs and other public events everywhere. Invite your supporters to a game or competition and offer them some good food and refreshments while raising funds in the process.

Discount Cards

Selling coupon books or community discount cards is a great way for sports teams to make raise funds. Look for a service that can develop and produce cards for your team to sell. Be sure to negotiate a few special deals, coupons and offers to engage your potential donors with your discount cards. Local businesses will love to get involved in these fundraisers as they can quickly attract new customers. Great discount cards will sell like candy, but spare some time to promote them well.

Host a Dance-Off

A dance-off can be a great and unique way to bring members of your community together and raise funds for your sports team at the same time. Your typical dance off may involve charging a small fee to register participants. You can raise more money by selling branded merchandise and charging admission fees for attendees.

Bottom Line

With all the good fundraising ideas for sports teams out there, it can be hard to know where to start. A great starting point is to measure the size of your team against your total monetary goal and use that as a guideline. Some fundraising ideas are ideal for certain types of goals but most work well for any team size or group.