Charleston Harbor Tours and City History Report Launched

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( — June 6, 2019) — Charleston, SC — A new report on visiting Charleston, SC has been launched by Mental Itch. It highlights harbor tours as a great chance to explore the water and see the sights of the local area.

Carolina Marine Group has been featured in a report on the Charleston area by Mental Itch, showing the things to do when people visit. The article highlights some of the benefits of visiting Charleston, and picks out the harbor as one of the most appealing elements about the city.

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The report mentions that the US has more than its fair share of iconic, beautiful, and appealing destinations to visit. It picks out Charleston as one of the most picturesque and interesting options when visiting the south.

Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina, and is one of the oldest cities in the country. For this reason it has numerous points of interest to anyone looking to visit the area, and thanks to its picturesque harbors and water there is a specific aesthetic and appeal to the area.

For those visiting the area, the Mental Itch report picks out some key facts to consider. For example, it details that Charleston Harbor is quite long, as it extends all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. This represents a distance of 7 miles, and offers visitors a number of options for boat tours.

Charleston is also known for being a very friendly city and has been featured as the friendliest town in the US by a number of magazines. This, along with the weather, the architecture and the scenery makes it an appealing location to visit.

For history buffs, there is ample reason to visit the area. For example, Charleston Harbor is home to Fort Sumter, which is believed to have witnessed the first shots of the American Civil War.

The article states: “You haven’t really explored the place till you’ve had a harbor tour in Charleston. Now that experience is what you’ll need to really experience the beauty of the city. Forget seeing the battle sites from land; this is how you go them smack right in the middle of the sea to watch where all the action happened.”

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