Washing Machine Maintenance Tips – What to Look for

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(Newswire.net — June 5, 2019) — Did you know that a washing machine itself needs a good washing every now and then? It’s important to know some effective washing machine maintenance tips. You’ll want to know how to keep foul odors, mold and mildew away from their clothes. Otherwise, you could be hitting early repairs and out-of-pocket expenses on an otherwise smooth operation.

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

While you may know how to maintain your dryer, do you need some more tips on how you can keep your washing machine happy and experience a stress-free affair each time you head to the laundry room? Check out these recommendations below. All of them won’t require more than a few minutes to do and yet extend your unit’s lifespan considerably.

Wipe Down

Each month, you should pay attention to important components such as the gasket, the door and the drum. These sections collect lint, mold and grime and as such, you’d do best by keeping them clean regularly. For the gasket, you should combine equal parts vinegar and water to get the odor out. Use a clean cloth each time to prevent further contamination.

Wash The Washer

If your machine doesn’t have an auto-wash cycle, don’t worry. You can make your own using hot water and white vinegar. Run the washer but don’t put anything on it. Then, add a half cup of detergent in the middle of the cycle. Let the washer complete it and you’ll have a clean, fresh-smelling interior ready for action.

Don’t Overload

One of the most common mistakes washing machine owners do is overloading. For example, on a 6kg load they’d often go 7 or even 8kgs. While the machine will still run, it will experience advanced wear and tear as compared to going within the load limit.

The Right Detergent

It’s not enough to wipe down your washing machine and giving it a “shower” each month. You should take the time to figure out which detergent is the best one for you, your clothes and the unit as well. Hard residue can damage the innards, and suds can make it run slower. Use low-sudsing HE and measure out each load according to manufacturer instructions.

Leave The Door Open

A simple way to maintain your washer is to let air circulate in and around the interior of your washing machine. so it won’t have a smell after being closed after a dirty load. Leaving the door ajar only takes a few seconds and is a good habit to have when you want to maximize your washing machine’s lifespan.

Immediately Transfer Wet Loads

It’s best to time your wash cycle and get back to it as soon as it’s done. For every minute the wet clothes still remain in the washer, there’s a chance that mold and mildew will follow. Moreover, you’ll want wet clothes to hit the dryer in order to keep the items still smelling clean and fresh.

In Conclusion

As you begin homeownership, make sure to develop a habit of following these washing machine maintenance tips to keep your washing machine well-maintained. In addition, you can do inspections and maintenance services that can get your unit in optimal condition. You won’t have to deal with premature breakdowns, weird smells and the possibility of mold and mildew on you or your family’s clothes.