Health Authorities Now Reveal The Science-based Tricks For Heart Health

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( — June 18, 2019) Orlando, FL — As the prevalence of heart disease continues to skyrocket, experts have also been trying to investigate the ways to ward off the condition.

According to Dr. Om Ganda,cardiovascular disease leading to heart attack or stroke is by far the leading cause of death in both men and women with diabetes.

Dr. Ganda is a board-certified specialist in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Clinical Nutrition, a Senior Physician in the Section on Adult Diabetes at Joslin, and an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

“The good news is that there are steps to take to reduce your risk for heart disease if you have diabetes,” adds Dr. Ganda.

One of the most important heart health tricks is to manage a healthy weight. In multiple research studies, it has been found that being overweight or obese could increase the risk of heart health issues.

It is similarly important to engage in physical activities regularly. There is a significant body of research proving that regular physical activity could produce a myriad of cardiovascular benefits.

Experts further recommend not smoking as nicotine has been found to narrow and restrict the blood vessels. It is imperative to avoid the contributing factors of heart disease as they are also found to be detrimental to overall health.

Increasing and maintaining protection of our heart health may be done naturally and easily through the use of natural ingredients like L-Carnitine.

Scientists suggest that L-Carnitine could work in protecting heart function. What makes it even more beneficial is that it could offer benefits in cases when a weak heart fails to pump enough blood, glucose, and oxygen to the body’s tissues.

It is important to stress that in the absence of adequate oxygen and blood to satisfy the needs of the body, certain undesirable consequences could occur. These include stroke, heart attack, and even death.

It is also worth mentioning that this natural healing ingredient has been found to significantly aid in certain heart conditions. It works by increase not just glucose metabolism but also blood flow. It may even work wonders in correcting abnormal heart rhythms, and decreasing toxicity.

A study involving a rat model of cardiomyopathy, or weakening of the heart, has shown that L-Carnitine aids in preventing the death of muscle cells in some parts of the heart.

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