Reasons Why Healthy Relationships Require Physical Intimacy

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( — June 11, 2019) — Harmonious, mature relationships among the man and the woman start to develop within the period of obtaining knowledge about each other.  It’s based on mutual trust of individuals and creates a strong bond of unspeakable closeness, ardor, and honesty. Hard to say how much time is needed for people to gain the highest level of intimacy as it entirely depends on people. To allow another person to intrude into your inner world is often too complicated, that’s why some require a few years of continuous communication while for others two days of hanging out together are totally enough to reach another level of relationships.

Undoubtedly, physical affection is a spine of any long-lasting relations. You can spend hours enjoying the shows on the real life voyeur cam, but it can’t substitute the genuine emotional connection with your lover filled with tenderness and warmth. Sexual bonds serve as an embodiment of love and it helps to bolster mutual understanding between people as well as it affects positively on its development. In what way? Let’s look through!

  • The way to express the most profound feelings

Intimacy plays a supreme role in the relationships because with its power, you’re able to express the feeling of love to your spouse. Nothing can compare with the emotions overwhelming you while you are touching slightly your lover. Physical intimacy enhances significantly the bond of mental proximity and proves that in case of its luck the level of attachment between people decreases if not totally vanishes.

  • A great stress killer

Having regular sex with your spouse effects positively both mental and corporal well-being. It facilitates the normalization of the blood pressure as well as reduces the feeling of trepidation, nervousness, and aggression due to the release of the oxytocin hormone. Not only daily intercourse can boost your health, but mere caresses, kisses or holding hands also soothes any kind of stress.

  • Builds trust

It’s obvious, that without complete trust unlikely any stable relationships can survive for a long time. Considerable time is needed to understand whether the person you choose is the right one as it’s extremely easy to get burned.  Physical intimacy appears on the basis of mutual trust: when people aren’t afraid of showing their naked soul as it is and when the vulnerability is a virtue but not a burden. It isn’t only about the body. Being honest with each other requires courage, but that definitely makes individuals more open and frank.

  • Increases satisfaction

Have you ever felt then after hugging your partner for a while or kissing him you have become more joyful and your eyes started to shine brightly? It’s due to the reason, that touching has a sufficiently great influence on our mental and physical state. Feeling the smell of our beloved ones or just holding their hand in ours provides us with a strong sense of security, tenderness and inner content.

It becomes clear that physical intimacy is vital for human relationships as it creates explicit emotional bonds between people and makes them fulfilled.