Segway Facts – What Makes Them so Unique

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( — June 14, 2019) — Ever since the rise in gas prices, many people far and wide have been investing in segways for their daily commute. It;s faster than walking, less maintenance than owning a car, and actually pretty fun. Segway tours and sales for personal use are increasing rapidly. Not only are they easy on the feet and time efficient, there are some interesting segway facts that you may not have even thought about.

Segway Facts

When it comes to Segways, many don’t know the history of them. Below we will discuss who invented the Segway, along with fun facts behind Segways.

What does Segway mean?

The name segway is thought to be derived from the word segue which by definition is a “smooth transition” from one part to the next in theater, film and music.

Who Created the Segway?

Dean Kamen, an inventor born and raised in New York, has many inventions in his lifetime, including the popular segway. Initially, Kamen invented a multi terrain electric wheelchair people were meant to use similarly to his later creation. Just as technology is involved everywhere, Kamen used technology to help him introduce the segway to the world shortly after. While the segway grew in public demand, the wheelchair was discontinued. Segways first appeared on prominent morning talk show Good Morning America in 2001 on December 3rd.

Segway Tours

Today, many cities offer Segway tours. There are several benefits to taking Segway tours. This is because they are relatively easy to operate, and offer a great way to see the city without walking too much.  

10 mph – Seattle to Boston

In 2008, an indie film titled 10 mph – Seattle to Boston aired showcasing 2 segway owners who quit their jobs to travel across the country via segway. The trip took a total of 100 days at 10 to 12 mph max. The 90 minute movie can be found online.

The Segway Challenge

During Gen Con (a popular gaming convention held in Indianapolis), there in an event with an obstacle course and race to see who is the best at handling a segway. They also give amateurs and first timers a try.

Police Use Them

In Long Beach, New York, a police Officer was able to make an arrest after proceeding in a car chase via segway. Although he obviously keep up with the car speed, he was able to catch and arrest the teenagers who stole the vehicle after they crashed and continued on foot. Ever since, many departments have been considering using segways to increase the efficiency of less officers on a small job like security and patrol. It does save money on gas to replace a police car with a segway instead.

To Summarize

Segways have transitioned into mundane activities, made great upgrades to job sites and even sports. Listed here are just some of the many segway facts and stories that can be found. If you want to try a segway before purchasing for personal transportation, consider taking a segway tour to get you a feel of the ride and to enjoy the sites in a new fun way.